SAT Testimonial Highlights


Zach Shapiro, Clarkson University

"Any athlete that is serious about the NCAA should prepare and learn the strategies behind writing a successful SAT. That is what they will get when they take the PrepSkills SAT preparation course.


Submitted by: Suzanne Shapiro, Mother, Toronto
Accepted to: Clarkson University, Division 1 Hockey Team

Alexandre Nossovskoi, Western's BMOS program

"I am delighted to say, that even though I did not gain entry into all of the schools I had in mind, PREPSKILLS undoubtedly gave me the push in mathematics that I needed (brought those marks up into the 90s), increased my essay writing speed (English marks hit the 90s) and taught me many important skills concerning multiple choice tests (at least a 50% increase in speed and an immeasurable gain in the amount of intuitive logic one has when writing these tests.)


Submitted by: Alexandre Nossovskoi, Student, Richmond Hill
Accepted to: Western's BMOS program (Ivey AEO)

Sara Thorfinnson, Northeastern University

"When I realized that I wanted to go to Northeastern University in Boston starting next fall, I also realized that I would probably have to write the SATs. The Prepskills SAT preparation course greatly prepared me for writing the SATs. The one on one teacher-student environment allowed for the individual attention needed to improve my weaknesses.


Submitted by: Sara Thorfinnson, Student, Oakville
Accepted to: Northeastern University

John-Michael, New York University

I just wanted to let you know that I have accepted NYU and I will be studying at the TISCH school of the arts, drama department, in September.


Submitted by: John-Michael Scapin, Student, Aurora
Accepted to: New York University

Goran Brelih, Upper Canada Jr “A” Hockey

"I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your generous support. PREPSKILLS program greatly contributed to Marko’s success. Attending weekly classes this summer enabled Marko to focus on the program and be fully prepared for the SAT test. SAT Program Scores (out of 2400): Before PREPSKILLS: 1840 (600 Reading, 550 Writing, 690 Math) After PREPSKILLS: 2110 (660 Reading, 660 Writing, 790 Math) Thank you again."


Submitted by: Goran Brelih, Father, Toronto
Current school: Upper Canada College, IB2

AJ, University of California - Berkeley

"Thanks to PREPSKILLS, not only did I achieve an increase of over 300 points, but I also learned how to write a structured essay and develop my ideas quickly, which helped me a great deal in school as well. My teacher’s genuine concern with our success created a productive learning environment where I could take in the most of what PREPSKILLS had to offer. Also, I just wanted to let you know that I will be attending the University of California - Berkeley in September."


Submitted by: AJ, Student, Mississauga
Accepted to: University of California - Berkeley

Blake Barbieri, Kleinburg

"Hi my name is Blake, I really liked PrepSkills because it did exactly that it prepared me for the SAT’s. Being a Canadian student I was unaware of how the American questions would be asked. But through constant practice prepskills had me saying “oh another one of those questions”, I believe this really helped me on my SAT test."


Submitted by: Blake Barbieri, Student, Kleinburg

Nicholas Torkos, Pace University

"I took the Prepskills SAT preparation course in an attempt to help get myself ready for a May 2009 SAT. I entered the class knowing the general layout and basics of the test, but lacked actual practice. The course was very thorough, as we dissected the SAT bit by bit. I learned countless techniques and tricks which I used to my advantage on the real SAT, and managed to score a full 200 points higher than my initial score. The teacher was a great pleasure to be around, and was able to assist me with any questions or concerns I had. The materials and booklet provided by the course is a goldmine in SAT knowledge and secrets.


Submitted by: Nicholas Torkos, Student, Richmond Hill
Accepted to: Pace University

Jordan Bangia, Mentor College

"I thought the PREPSKILLS program was a great way to prepare for the SAT. I feel that all the practice tests and essays were extremely helpful, and that all the information in the book helped me to improve in my areas of weakness."


Submitted by: Jordan Bangia, Student, Toronto

Norman S. Smith, Ed.D., Educational Consultant

"PREPSKILLS® offers a solid program in a very flexible manner. If you're a busy student and need to take the SAT, check out PREPSKILLS®. You will be glad you did."


Submitted by: Norman S. Smith, Ed.D.
Educational Consultant, Specializing in University Admissions

Henry Brunton, BPE, PGA Master Professional

"Henry Brunton Golf is a proud partner of PREPSKILLS. It is a first class organization in all regards. PREPSKILLS provides high school students and their families with outstanding services and guidance in preparation for post-secondary opportunities."


Henry Brunton, BPE, CPGA Master Professional
RCGA National Men's Coach, GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher

Richard Zhang, New York University

"I took the SAT prep course and College Application Seminar at Prepskills, they were indeed useful. I ended up getting 2120 on SAT. My writing increased from 490 all the way to 750.


Submitted by: Richard Zhang, Student, Toronto
Accepted to: New York University

SD, Mother, New York University

"Alex found your program to be excellent preparation for the SAT. The site in Mississauga that the classes were held at was easy to get to and very conducive to learning. Thank you to your school and in particular, Miss Casey for her great teaching style which Alex found very helpful in preparing for the SAT."


Submitted by: SD, Mother, Toronto
Accepted to: New York University

Abhishek Vaidyanathan, Upper Canada College

PREPSKILLS provided a small SAT preparation class; hence I was able to focus on my areas of weakness. My Geometry has improved quite substantially. The practice questions were very useful and I can always use it to improve myself. PREPSKILLS really prepares me for a 3.5 hours SAT exam and take away the nervousness I feel about the writing the SAT."


Submitted by: Abhishek Vaidyanathan, Student, Toronto
Current School: Upper Canada College (UCC)

Amanda Lee, Richmond Hill

"When I first enrolled in PREPSKILLS, I simply expected to attend classes that consisted of mind-numbing lessons soon to be forgotten. However, not only has this program taught me new concepts and techniques for approaching problems, but exposed me to the true atmosphere of the SAT - both in class and during the mock SAT.


Submitted by: Amanda Lee, Student, Richmond Hill
Current School: St. Roberts CHS

Dipesh Patel, Duke University

"The PRESPSKILLs program I found helped me greatly on the SAT, increasing my score by 300 points. With PREPSKILLs I found I knew most of the material, but I was able to sharpen my skills and gain better insight into the problems and different tactics on how to tackle these problems. With PREPSKILLs I found that the student always came first, giving each student one-on-one help, and numerous practice to make sure there was no anxiety on the day of the real test."


Submitted by: Dipesh Patel, Student, Toronto
Accepted to: Duke University

Alison McCart, Brampton

"I found the course was very good for me. I have a problem with test writing and this course gave me more confidence in my ability when it came time to write my SAT's. I received a mark which was beyond the requirements of any of the US Schools which I have been offered scholarships to.


Submitted by: Alison McCart, Student, Brampton
Current School: St. Augustine SS

John McCart, Father, Brampton

"As a parent I was impressed with the Prepskills Course which Ali took to prepare her for the SAT's. From her initial pretest her final score did improved. But what we really noticed was the confidence she gained when writing the test. I can only attribute this to the excellent instruction she received while she completed the program. I would highly recommend this program to any student anticipating writing their SAT's."


Submitted by: John McCart, Father, Brampton
Current School: St. Augustine SS

Pati Jansons, Mother, Midhurst

"Right from the outset, Maris set a personal goal for himself to increase his mark every time he wrote a sample SAT, the simulation and the final. Further, his personal goal was to achieve 1800 on his final. He accomplished all his goals, writing better tests each and every time, and ultimately scoring 1800 - EXACTLY HIS GOAL - on the final. He is very pleased, and we are also


Submitted by: Pati Jansons, Mother, Midhurst
Current School: Eastview SS

Nancy Pierce, Mother, Utica College

"Chloe is doing well. She has accepted a scholarship to Utica College in New York State. She is enrolled in pre-vet sciences. I’ve recommended your program to other parents."


Submitted by: Nancy Pierce, Mother, Toronto
Current School: Utica College in New York State