SAT Testimonial Highlights


Muriel Michael, U of T, Rotman Business Program

“Harlan was accepted at University of Toronto, Rotman Business Program for September entry. He is elated."


Submitted by: Muriel Michael, Mother, Toronto
Current School: University of Toronto, Rotman Business Program

Shirley Ma, Student, Toronto

“I recently completed the program. I am very glad that I met excellent students and notable teacher during the program. My score has improved in the writing and math sections with 230 points increase.


Submitted by: Shirley Ma, Student, Toronto
Current School: Earl Haig SS

SD, Mother, New York University

“Alexandra applied to NYU and has received acceptance! She will be pursuing a double major in Journalism and Political Science. Thank you to Prepskills and Ms. Casey for the wonderful assistance in helping Alexandra achieve her goals."


Submitted by: SD, Mother, Toronto
Accepted to: New York University

Jordan Wilson, Cornerstone University

"Prepskills offers you that special attention that you need before writing the longest test of your life. The teachers calm your spirits and take you through the cirriculum at your pace."


Submitted by: Jordan Wilson, Student, Mississauga
Accepted to: Cornerstone University

Deb Kennedy, Mother, Harvard & Yale University

A Hockey Mom’s Perspective:

"I have found that knowledge of the recruiting and US admission processes, as well as the importance of preparing early and well for the SAT, is surprisingly lacking. As a result, many players in the past have taken an unplanned PG year. The services that a company such as PREPSKILLS® offers can fill an important gap here."


Submitted by: Deb Kennedy, Mother, Mississauga
Accepted to: Harvard & Yale University

Janet McLeod, McLeod Consulting Services

“As a college admissions counselor specializing in helping Canadian students make the best choices of U.S. colleges and universities, I find many feel overwhelmed by the challenge of SAT test taking. Consistently, my students doing the PREPSKILLS® program have expressed great satisfaction and enjoyed a substantial improvement in their scores. Strongly recommended!."


Janet McLeod M.A. (Ed)
McLeod Consulting Services

Clara Kent, McCombs School of Business

"Thanks to PREPSKILLS® SAT Course, I dared to apply and was admitted to McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas and some other top schools in the country. More importantly, it furthered my knowledge of and love for Math and English. Many thanks and warmest regards."


Submitted by: Clara Kent, Student, Toronto
Current school: McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas

Kathy Park, Stanford University

"Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the PREPSKILLS® SAT Course. My score went up 210 points! This was a great experience!"


Submitted by: Kathy Park, Student, Stanford University
Current school: Stanford University

Penny Jenkins, Mother, Toronto

"Just a note of thanks to PREPSKILLS® for your SAT Course and the wonderful instructor. My daughter enjoyed the program, the strategies and I think she did quite well! Most importantly, I appreciate the personalized service you provided and the guidance pertaining to the overall admission process."


Submitted by: Penny Jenkins, Mother, Toronto

Tony Pombo, Father, Cornell University

"My two sons have taken both the PREPSKILLS® SAT prep course and the SSAT prep course. I can't imagine anyone seriously interested in the academic well being of their kids not taking advantage of PREPSKILLS' extraordinary services. The results have been most impressive, and the cost well worth the investment in my children's future!"


Submitted by: Tony Pombo, Father, Markham
Accepted to: Cornell University

Kyle Clement, Father, Penn State University

"Our daughter enrolled in PREPSKILLS® SAT Course and we were very pleased with the results. She increased her scores greatly and the teacher was outstanding. It’s important that the teacher has a thorough understanding of the expectations and the program is the best comprehensive program available in the GTA! (Believe me, we’ve checked them all out!)"


Submitted by: Kyle Clement, Father, Oakville
Accepted to: Penn State University

Andrew Russell, Father, University of Chicago

"Small class sizes, qualified, experienced and professional teachers. It was like taking my LSATs years ago, but definitely worth the effort. Our son has already been accepted on an athletic scholarship!"


Submitted by: Andrew Russell, Father, Unionville
Accepted to: University of Chicago on Athletic Scholarship

Marc, Student, Ontario Blue Jays

"Having taken your SAT course last summer, I would highly recommend it. my brother who is now in grade ten will be going through PREPSKILLS next year as a member of the Ontario Blue Jays. I thought your SAT program was extremely helpful to me."


Submitted by: Marc, Student, Ontario Blue Jays Baseball Club

SG, Mother, Colgate University

"I wanted to take a moment to drop you a note about our tutor. She has been an excellent tutor - organized, prepared reliable, etc. Her math skills are very strong. However, where she distinguishes herself the most is in her empathy and the way she showed that she cares about my daughter. She was unfailingly encouraging, took the time to figure out what makes her "tick" and personalized her teaching style."


Submitted by: SG, Mother, Toronto
Accepted to: Colgate University

JP, Mother, Brown University

"Prepskills was the best investment we could have made in our son's future. Prepskills is in a class by itself as the staff understands the life of a high school athlete and the process of getting into an NCAA school. The individual attention, professional attitude, and extremely thorough materials were all part of the Prepskills package and I would highly recommend this program to anyone seeking to improve their SAT scores."


Submitted by: JP, Mother, Toronto
Accepted to: Brown University

TP, Student, Brown University

"Prepskills helped me develop the skills and the confidence to achieve the SAT score I needed to get into an Ivy League school, where I will play on the hockey team. The Prepskills teachers focused on the areas where I needed help to make the best use of my time, which was important because of my busy hockey schedule. The writing and vocabulary skills I learned are now helping me to improve my grades at school."


Submitted by: TP, Mother, Toronto
Accepted to: Brown University

Melvin Chien, University of California

“I attended Prepskills lessons in 2007/2008 in preparation for the SAT Reasoning Test in May 2008. Looking back, I can honestly say that it has been a great help for me. My Prepskills tutor catered to the specific needs of my peers and focused on our weaknesses. I especially enjoyed learning the different test taking strategies, tips, and hints. Although they were geared towards the SAT, I have found them to be helpful in my day school as well. I came away pleased with my score for my first and only attempt at the SAT Test. Thank you Prepskills for all that you have done for me!"


Submitted by: Melvin Chien, Student, Richmond Hill
Accepted to: University of California

Sinan Ekim, Student, Toronto

"I scored 1950 on last year's SATs in June (a 300 point increase) and I can easily say that PREPSKILLS helped me a lot while getting prepared for the exam. My weakest section was the Essay Section and the timing. I had a lot of difficulties in focusing my thoughts and putting together a 4 paragraph essay with concrete examples in just 25 minutes.


Submitted by: Sinan Ekim, Student, Toronto
Current School: York Mills CI

Ranvita Mahto, Indiana University

"The program definitely helped me understand how the SAT works better. It gave me advice and tips that I would not have previously considered, and it helped improve my score. The admissions process helped me reflect on my school years and myself by asking question that I wouldn't have normally thought about.


Submitted by: Ranvita Mahto, Student, Burlington
Accepted school: Indiana University

D'Arcy Oakes, Quinnipiac University

"Throughout my work with PREPSKILLS, my SAT score exceeded my original goal and helped me attain a division 1 hockey scholarship. I would not have been able to do so without the guidance and excellent care and assistance from everyone. I would recommend this program to anyone."


Submitted by: D'Arcy Oakes, Student, Shanty Bay
Accepted school: Quinnipiac University with scholarship