SSAT Testimonial Highlights


Veronica Pang, University of Toronto Schools

"Hi, my name is Veronica Pang and I’m currently attending UTS, also known as the University of Toronto Schools. Let me tell you this. I’m not part of the administration there, so I really have no concrete idea how they decide who to let in, but I do have the wealth of the actual experience on my hands, and I am here to share it with you.


Submitted by: Veronica Pang, Student, Richmond Hill
Accepted to: University of Toronto Schools

Bilaal Rajan, St. Andrew's College

"Hi, my name is Bilaal Rajan - founder of Hands For Help. My website is I am presently UNICEF Canada child ambassador and the recipient of the top 20 under 20 awards in Canada for 2008.


Submitted by: Bilaal Rajan, Student, Toronto
Current School: St. Andrew's College

Daniel, University of Toronto Schools

"Daniel's SSAT scores in verbal were 710, in math they were 677 and in reading it was 710 with the total being 2097. Daniel got accepted by UTS and recently earned the John and Margaret Withrow scholarship making him one of the four (3 out of 4 are PREPSKILLS®' students) that were recipients of it.. We really appreciate the help PREPSKILLS® gave to him."


Submitted by: Lily Zhou, Mother, Toronto
Accepted to: University of Toronto Schools

Talia Priluka, CHAT

"Please accept my sincere thanks for preparing me for the SSAT examination. I have already taken the test in one of the Flex Centers and received my results yesterday. The score that I have attained overall is 2112. My highest scores were verbal, 716, and math, 725. The exam was easy and I enjoyed writing it thanks to your training, patience, positive attitude, and most valuable advices. Thank you so much"


Submitted by: Talia Priluka and Family, Toronto
Accepted to: Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto

Jenny, University of Toronto Schools

"Frankly, when I was first introduced to PREPSKILLS®, I thought it was just another preparation program that parents send their kids to in a frenzy, afraid that their own preparation plan wasn’t strong enough. After experiencing the benefits of PREPSKILLS®, I realized that I was partly right- the PREPSKILLS® staff taught me things that my parents would never have even thought of teaching me, but it was better than what even commercials described other programs as.


Submitted by: Jenny Yan, Student, Vaughan
Accepted to: University of Toronto Schools (UTS)

Arasan Thangavelu, University of Toronto Schools

"Prepskills was a great experience. It did not feel like tutoring but at the same time my classmates and I learned a lot of things. Our awesome teacher taught us the concepts thoroughly and very well. They also provided a lot of helpful links. Their simulation tests felt exactly like the real one and after we finished it we set goals to improve ourselves. Their second stage seminar helped me prepare for the interview. Overall, the Prepskills course was fun and productive helping me getting into UTS!"


Submitted by:Arasan Thangavelu, Student, Scarborough
Accepted to: University of Toronto Schools (UTS)

Liza Lawson, Mother, De La Salle College

"The course was fantastic. It was extremely helpful to Sophia in her preparation for the test. It was also a great course to help with her other academic and confidence skills. Well worth the money both for the SSAT and for life. Thank you."


Submitted by: Liza Lawson, Mother, Toronto
Accepted to: De La Salle College

Russ Fromm, Parent, Miami Country Day (MCD)

"Michael was accepted at both Schools we applied for. Thank you very much & please note that we think Tracey did an amazing job with Michael. She is a great teacher! We are moving to Miami on June 15th and Michael is very excited to go to Miami Country Day...Floridas best private school! Thanks Again!"


Submitted by: Russ Fromm, Parent, Toronto
Accepted to: Miami Country Day (MCD)

Shirley Xue, Mother, Bayview Glen

"Tyson attended two programs right after we immigrant to Toronto. These programs helped him both academically also socially, and prepared him for future challenge.


Submitted by: Shirley Xue, Mother, Toronto
Accepted to: Bayview Glen

Jenny Tang, Mother, Branksome Hall

“Just want you to know that Karilyn, who took SSAT prep. In fall 2006 just got her SSAT upper level score back:


Submitted by: Jenny Tang, Mother, Toronto
Accepted to: Branksome Hall

Jacinta Whyte, Mother, Bishop Strachan School

“Catherine has been with BSS this past two years and has blossomed in that environment.


Submitted by: Jacinta Whyte, Mother, Toronto
Accepted to: Bishop Strachan School (BSS)

Lisa Rose, Mother, Upper Canada College (UCC)

“Cole will be starting UCC in the fall and is very excited about his choice. We were very happy with the PREPSKILLS program and of the course the results. We will look to do the same for Jake in the fall of 2009 when he enters grade six. I am reviewing the requirements for entering UCC in both Math and French and may call you for a review session in Math."


Submitted by: Lisa Rose, Mother, Toronto
Accepted to: Upper Canada College (UCC)

Elizabeth Sun, Mother, Crescent School

“Great News!!! We just heard that Michael got accepted to Crescent and Royal St. George's College which were his top 1 and 2 choices. Thanks for all your teachings, help and support. I will be highly recommending PrepSkills to others."


Submitted by: Elizabeth Sun, Mother, Toronto
Accepted to: Crescent School

Hans Georg Wahle, Father, Mulgrave School

“We have been successful and both Gereon and Constantin have been accepted at Mulgrave School. Thanks a lot again also to Meghan, she did a great job."


Submitted by: Hans Georg Wahle, Father, Mulgrave School, Vancouver
Accepted to: Mulgrave School

Adriene Donkin-Verschuren, RHMS

"I just wanted to write a quick note to say thank you again for giving me the opportunity to participate in the Prepskills course. It has really helped boost my self confidence in essay writing and has diminished the stress that essays have always caused me! Our teacher was excellent and I really enjoyed our class discussions. Although it was a solid two weeks of work in the summer, I nonetheless did enjoy myself and do feel that it has benefited me for the future.


Submitted by: Adriene Donkin-Verschuren, Student, Richmond Hill
Accepted to: Richmond Hill Montessori School

Patricia Rozema, Mother, St. Clement's School

“Jacoba got into all the schools she applied to: BSS (where she won the Arts Scholarship), Branksome, St. Clements (and one other I can't remember right now.) Although we thought BSS would be an good choice as well, she chose St. Clements and we thought it was important to let her go with her gut. It was quite a culture shock at first - just sitting in one classroom for most of the day and being fed information. It is very unlike the Mabin school "inquiry based" system, where the children come up with the questions and learn together as a group, often with very hands on methods. And she was disappointed that she couldn't audition for the school play until grade nine and that orchestra was at 7am etc.


Submitted by: Patricia Rozema, Mother, Toronto
Accepted to: St. Clement's School

Sandra Attard, High Park Centennial Montesorri

“Spencer is attending High Park Centennial Montesorri School. Spencer is showing a very keen interest and a focused, positive attitude this year. I am so impressed with him. He has told me himself that his homework is his top priority. Wow... now that's something every parent hopes to hear! Spencer and I have spoken a lot about Prepskills since his course ended, and we both agree that the skills he learned will be of value to him for years and years to come. Although he did not apply to any other private schools, we are still grateful for the course that you provided for our son. He definitely benefited from it. Thank you again."


Submitted by: Sandra Attard, Mother, Toronto
Current School: High Park Centennial Montesorri School (HPCMS)

Donna Essue, Mother, St. Andrew's College

“Edward is at St. Andrew's and is doing very good he just got his Scholars tie and the Academic Merit Award. Thanks again to you for preparing him for the S.S.A.T."


Submitted by: Donna Essue, Mother, Unionville
Current School: St. Andrew's College (SAC)

Ramesh Santhanam, University of Toronto Schools

“My daughter had done the prep skills course which ended in Oct 2008. She completed her SSAT exams on the Nov 15, 2008. She did well in her exams and we would like to thank your program and the staff. Her scores read: V (710), Q (677), R (680) for a total of 2067 (98% overall).


Submitted by: Ramesh Santhanam, Father, Mississauga
Current School: University of Toronto Schools (UTS)

Karilyn Xu, Branksome Hall

“I recently got my report card, I found that I did a lot better than I could have hoped. I feel this is not only my own doing also that of PREPSKILLS. Although PREPSKILLS was initially intend to boost my SSAT mark (which it did), it also helped me in school by improving my confidence and vocabulary."


Submitted by: Karilyn Xu, Student, Toronto
Accepted to: Branksome Hall