Private School Admission 101

If you have been wondering about private school as an option for your child, you're not alone; in 2014, thousands of Canadian parents enrolled their kids in private or independent schools and preparatory academies. Though the Ontario public school system is generally well respected, for some parents who are seeking an academic edge for their children, private school is the only way to go.

What's the edge? Private schools have the ability to attract endowments and other forms of financial support to enhance their athletic facilities, libraries and IT departments to levels that most schools in the public system can only dream of. Typically smaller class sizes offer more individual attention and support to students, and the smaller scale also provides superior leadership opportunities to motivated students who don't have to compete with hundreds of peers for coveted student council, team, club and committee positions. So it's not surprising that many parents are eager to get their sons and daughters admitted to prestige schools with the goal of improving their educational success, and beyond that, their professional achievements as they enter the business world.

There is a catch, however: most private and independent schools are deeply invested in their reputations, and as such, hold prospective students to a high academic standard. Even very young children can be subjected to a rigorous examination and interview process to make sure they are a good fit for the school. Even teens that typically test well may not be academically or even emotionally prepared for the high expectations they will come up against when seeking an elite secondary education.

PREPSKILLS® is here to help. A Canadian company that understands the unique Canadian education and test curriculum, our purpose is to provide the highest quality preparatory learning experiences that maximize individual potential and impart skills for leadership. Our aim is to not only help your child prepare for successful entry into the private school of your choice but also to inspire lessons in life-long learning.

No matter how rigorous the entrance testing, PREPSKILLS® teaches the knowledge and strategies to help your child excel on any test, be it the commonly used SSAT, the ISEE, or any other individual school's evaluation process. Students may choose from a series of individualized learning modules, either online, in groups or in the comfort of home. These teaching methods, delivered by qualified instructors, provide skill development through practice in the key areas of mathematics, verbal ability and reading comprehension.

It is a well-known fact that a student's body of knowledge and how well they are able to convey that knowledge in a test situation are two completely different things. That is why PREPSKILLS® places a strong focus on test-taking strategies that helps to build student confidence and self-esteem, so they can show what they know when it counts. Exclusive workshops, unique practice testing and private consulting to help families navigate through the complicated application and portfolio-building process are just some of the many services PREPSKILLS® offers to help your child succeed.

But what really sets PREPSKILLS® apart from SSAT tutors and skills upgrading agencies is our emphasis on a holistic approach that includes emotional intelligence. A significant factor in your child's life success is how well he or she gets along with others. In fact, social success is driven by emotional intelligence, and social success often dovetails with career success. The PrepEssentials program helps your child's budding emotional intelligence to blossom, leading to improved communications, confidence and leadership abilities – qualities that are highly sought after in our society.

At its essence, PREPSKILLS® gives students the ability to reach their full potential in all areas of their development.