US College Admissions 101

The US is the top study destination in the world for international college students. Despite formidable tuition fees for top schools, every year hundreds of thousands of foreign-born students apply to American colleges and universities. What’s the draw? Of course American learning institutions have highly qualified teaching staff, and degrees earned at accredited US education institutions are likely to be recognized worldwide, but the same can be said for Canadian post-secondary schools.

The single biggest factor that differentiates US colleges from their international counterparts is probably specialization. Because the country and its resources are so vast, opportunities for practical training related to virtually any field of study are limitless. Most college and universities have established affiliations with employers and researchers on the cutting edge of their chosen fields of study, allowing students to obtain invaluable hands-on experience. Specialized technology, such as the newest medical equipment in medical schools that may not be available in any other country, allows college students to gain experience that is marketable (anywhere) in the real world. And post-graduate networking opportunities abound in a country that boasts numerous major economic and cultural hubs from coast to coast.

As a parent, you might remember your first year at university as being exciting, but also challenging -- especially if you lived in residence or in your own place. Now imagine that you were applying for a college in the States. The prospect of being far from home may cause anxiety for teens, but even before that concern presents itself, students ask the haunting question of whether they will be successful in their bid to gain admittance to the American college of their choice. In short, will they pass the SAT?

Help is available for Canadian high school students applying to college in the US, where colleges deploy the SAT as a standardized admission test to screen prospective students. PREPSKILLS® offers a comprehensive course to help students prepare for the PSAT or SAT by teaching powerful test-taking strategies and the necessary math, reading, grammar and writing skills to increase scores and achieve admission goals. There are a variety of convenient teaching methods to meet every need; your child can choose from online learning, group classes, or private at-home study.

In the United States, another national aptitude test accepted by colleges as part of their admissions process is the ACT, and PREPSKILLS® offers private at-home prep or online prep to help students achieve success in the ACT-tested areas of English, math, reading, science, and writing.

Not sure which test to take, which schools to apply to, what colleges offer the best value and how to set yourself apart from the thousands of other applicants sending their packages in each year? PREPSKILLS® U.S. Admissions Guide is the only guidebook of its kind to specifically target Canadian students who are applying to American universities. The US Admissions Guide includes information related to American colleges and universities, their admissions standards, the different modes of application (including the Common Application), and much more.

As Canada's premier SAT and ACT preparation provider, PREPSKILLS® employs a number of different tools to ensure that each and every student is assured in their abilities to achieve optimum results. No matter what your specific goals, PREPSKILLS® works with parents and students alike to devise a unique tailored approach that has seen thousands of students achieve their US college admissions goals and go on to thrive in their academic careers.