PREPSKILLS® specializes in preparing students for admissions tests to private/independent schools and American universities. As Canada's premier SSAT and SAT preparation provider, we employ a number of different tools to make certain that each and every student is assured in their abilities in order to achieve optimum results.

PREPESSENTIALS™ is our unique, exclusive and comprehensive essential skills enrichment program designed to instill confidence, inspire creativity and develop the best and brightest among emergent young leaders. Shining beyond the boundaries of learning™ is the motif of PREPSKILLS® programming, and it is maximized through our PREPTHINK™, PREPWRITE™, PREPSPEAK™ and PREPLEADER™ courses.

So no matter what your specific goals, PREPSKILLS® works with parents and students alike to devise a course of action best suited to a child's individual circumstances. It is this unique tailored approach that has seen thousands of students achieve their immediate goals and go on to thrive in their academic careers.


US College Admissions 101

The US is the top study destination in the world for international college students. Despite formidable tuition fees for top schools, every year hundreds of thousands of foreign-born students apply to American colleges and universities. What’s the draw? Of course American learning institutions have highly qualified teaching staff, and degrees earned at accredited US education institutions are likely to be recognized worldwide, but the same can be said for Canadian post-secondary schools.



Clara Kent, McCombs School of Business

"Thanks to PREPSKILLS® SAT Course, I dared to apply and was admitted to McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas and some other top schools in the country. More importantly, it furthered my knowledge of and love for Math and English. Many thanks and warmest regards."


Submitted by: Clara Kent, Student, Toronto
Current school: McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas

Kathy Park, Stanford University

"Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the PREPSKILLS® SAT Course. My score went up 210 points! This was a great experience!"


Submitted by: Kathy Park, Student, Stanford University
Current school: Stanford University

Penny Jenkins, Mother, Toronto

"Just a note of thanks to PREPSKILLS® for your SAT Course and the wonderful instructor. My daughter enjoyed the program, the strategies and I think she did quite well! Most importantly, I appreciate the personalized service you provided and the guidance pertaining to the overall admission process."


Submitted by: Penny Jenkins, Mother, Toronto