Bilaal Rajan, St. Andrew's College

"Hi, my name is Bilaal Rajan - founder of Hands For Help. My website is I am presently UNICEF Canada child ambassador and the recipient of the top 20 under 20 awards in Canada for 2008.

I attend St. Andrew's College, a prestigious private boy's school in Aurora, Ontario. And I am pleased to say that PREPSKILLS® has played a significant role in helping me to achieve a high SSAT score which I used to gain acceptance to St. Andrew's. Through the SSAT prep courses, I was able to attain the upper 90th percentile in my SSAT exam. I truly believe that I would not have achieved this result without PREPSKILLS®' help. I also found that the resume writing and the interview process program as well as the essay writing workshop was invaluable and important so that I was also very well prepared for all of my interviews.

I highly recommend PREPSKILLS®' workshop and courses; you will not regret your decision! I am definitely coming to the SAT prep course. Thank you PREPSKILLS® for all your help and support!"

Bilaal Rajan's Biography Still shy of his 12th birthday, he is described as articulate, cerebral, driven and passionate by those who know him best. Since he was a young boy, the academic standout at St. Andrew’s College has been lifting children from poverty and smashing through barriers...In response to the devastating tsunami...Bilaal initiated the UNICEF Canada Kids Earthquake Challenge, through which Canadian children raised more than $1.8 million to help their peers whose lives were impacted by the disaster.

Submitted by: Bilaal Rajan, Student, Toronto
Current School: St. Andrew's College
Former school: The Giles School