John-Michael, New York University

I just wanted to let you know that I have accepted NYU and I will be studying at the TISCH school of the arts, drama department, in September.

I found the training at PREPSKILLS® to be very useful and had me well prepared for the SATs. The excellent textbook (which I have shelved for further reference!), quality of instructors and small class ratio were all contribution factors to my success."

John-Michael Scapin's Biography 17, is a grade 12 French immersion student at Aurora High School...John-Michael appeared on the CBC’s “Triple Sensation” and was awarded the Indigo and Chapter’s $150,000 scholarship to pursue his training at any performing arts school in the world.

CBC News Ontario high school student named Canada'sTriple Sensation article

Submitted by: John-Michael Scapin, Student, Aurora
Accepted to: New York University
Former school: Aurora High School