Network For Your Future Success...

Network For Your Future Success at the Ontario Science Centre!

Toronto, On, May 24th, 2011 – On Saturday May 28th, at the Ontario Science Centre, Prepskills®, Canada’s premier provider of SSAT and SAT preparation is hosting a free exclusive educational experience, PrepConnect™!

This is the first event of its kind, a networking event for Private Schools, U.S. colleges, alumni, students, parents, coaches and consultants. All coming together to build relationships, helping students prepare and connect for educational success.

This exclusive event affords attendees the opportunity to network free of charge in a relaxed social environment. Allowing attendees to benefit from the networking experience long coveted by the business world.

At PrepConnect™ you will be able to meet with top scholars who have been accepted into The University of Toronto schools, a proud mother who has one daughter at Harvard and the other one at Yale. Discuss the benefits of an all girls school or a French education. Learn how to release the mathematical genius in your child? Talk to Cornell or Penn State alumni, and find out what the schools really like. What are the benefits of going the NCAA route? Ask Vince Bellissimo, with 3 years NCAA, Division 1 hockey at Western Michigan University, and get his perspective or talk to experts from the field of hockey, golf and baseball. Only by attending PrepConnect™ can you or your son or daughter benefit from the experience of networking.



PREPSKILLS® is Canada's premier SSAT and SAT preparation provider. The PREPSKILLS® mission is to provide advanced preparation ensuring our students have endless opportunities. By providing the highest quality preparatory learning experiences to maximize individual potential, PREPSKILLS® imparts leadership skills and lessons in life-long learning to students to help them succeed.

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