Amanda Lee, Richmond Hill

"When I first enrolled in PREPSKILLS, I simply expected to attend classes that consisted of mind-numbing lessons soon to be forgotten. However, not only has this program taught me new concepts and techniques for approaching problems, but exposed me to the true atmosphere of the SAT - both in class and during the mock SAT.

This gave me a greater sense of confidence in my abilities and I was able to handle the pressure much better, and improve my performance overall. With regular assessments that were conducted, I, as well as my parents, could see just where I was and how much I was improving. The results were obvious, and the service incredibly professional. Not only was the instructor qualified, but was also dedicated and willing to take the time to ensure that both my parents and I understood every single aspect of the course and of my development. This course was much more than simply a class: it was a learning experience. Without PREPSKILLS, I would have likely gone headfirst into the SATs not knowing what was waiting for me, and much less prepared. It was a great experience that truly served me well, and I have already recommended it to friends. There is no doubt that this course will continue to aid young people on their path to success!"

Submitted by: Amanda Lee, Student, Richmond Hill
Current School: St. Roberts CHS