Jenny Tang, Mother, Branksome Hall

“Just want you to know that Karilyn, who took SSAT prep. In fall 2006 just got her SSAT upper level score back:

Verbal Score: 767 (Personal Score Range: 746 - 788, SSAT Percentile 96%)
Math Score: 791 (Personal Score Range: 770 - 800, SSAT Percentile 99%)
Reading Score: 710 (Personal Score Range: 689 - 731, SSAT Percentile 87%)
Total Score: 2268 (Personal Score Range: NA, SSAT Percentile 98%)

I am very proud of her and thanks for the help she got from your program."

Submitted by: Jenny Tang, Mother, Toronto
Accepted to: Branksome Hall
Former school: Churchill Heights