Patricia Rozema, Mother, St. Clement's School

“Jacoba got into all the schools she applied to: BSS (where she won the Arts Scholarship), Branksome, St. Clements (and one other I can't remember right now.) Although we thought BSS would be an good choice as well, she chose St. Clements and we thought it was important to let her go with her gut. It was quite a culture shock at first - just sitting in one classroom for most of the day and being fed information. It is very unlike the Mabin school "inquiry based" system, where the children come up with the questions and learn together as a group, often with very hands on methods. And she was disappointed that she couldn't audition for the school play until grade nine and that orchestra was at 7am etc.

But she's actually really starting to enjoy her school right now... She was saying this morning that she liked that it was all girls because there were fewer interruptions and she liked that everyone wanted to do really well. She seemed to be saying that it raises her game as well. They are off to camp this week where I hope she makes some friends. The other schools seem to do their "team building" and getting-to-know-you activities earlier, whereas St. Clements just hits the ground running academically.

Anyway, thank you for your all you help preparing her for her test and interviews etc. Undoubtedly it gave her that bit extra confidence and preparedness that may well have made the difference."

Submitted by: Patricia Rozema, Mother, Toronto
Accepted to: St. Clement's School
Former school: The Mabin School