The EPREPSKILLS™ program allows students to learn in the comfort of their own home, on line and in real time. This comprehensive program provides dynamic interaction via white-board, chat, and a live text editor. Certified teachers ensure students receive the full tutoring benefits of our SAT program. Get the personal experience without having to leave home!

EPREPSKILLS™ is available for Canadian, American and International students. The program includes:

  • 24 hours of instruction (Eight 3-hour sessions) and 24+ hours of exam writing
  • COMPUTEST™ a four hour innovative online diagnostic SAT test with reporting and essay evaluation which parallels the SAT official test - LOGIN ID will be issued upon registration for students to complete the test prior to the first lesson.
  • Comprehensive course materials, including:
    • Our innovative CompuTest
    • Exclusive 800+ page PREPSKILLS course book
    • 4 full length practice tests
    • Exercises for math
    • Writing and vocabulary skills
    • Quizzes and handouts
    • 3 sets of proprietary flashcards (PrepMath™, PrepVerbal™, PrepWord™)
    • PrepKIT™ - Our Kit includes everything you will need: Eraser, Pencil sharpener, PREPSKILLS® HB No. 2 Pencil, 8" Ruler, Highlighter-pen combo, Digital timer, Durable Pencil Case.
  • Enjoy strategy-rich sessions to help build specific test skills
  • Highly qualified teachers who'll guide you through every step of the way with powerful insights, brilliant clarity, and cutting edge coaching... and all focused on achieving your college/university admission goals.
  • On line support in real time over the Internet using EPREPSKILLS™ interactive whiteboard

Exclusive 800+ page PREPSKILLS course book

Final SAT Simulation Test

3 sets of proprietary flashcards (PrepMath™, PrepVerbal™, PrepWord™)