Resume, Application & Interview


PREPSKILLS Inc. is proud to offer this exclusive opportunity to provide students with the confidence and skills required to prepare for private school admission applications and interviews.

This dynamic workshop, led by the Founder & President of PREPSKILLS Inc. is designed to navigate you and your child through the admission process, while discovering your child's individual and unique talents and having fun!

PREPSKILLS® Résumé, Application & Interview Workshop

  • 3 hour skill development workshop
  • Students participate in an interactive, engaging workshop to increase confidence and discover their unique characteristics that will make them stand out!
  • one-on-one interview (materials provided)

To register for PREPSKILLS® Résumé, Application & Interview Workshop, please complete this online registration

Fee: $395 + HST
(group workshop)

To register for 1 hour session with the President

Fee: $1,000 + HST
(1 hour private session with Joanna Severino, President)