SSAT Prep Plus Classes


PREPSKILLS® SSAT Classes Prep Plus is the course chosen most often by students and parents. This program offers comprehensive SSAT preparation and serves to bridge the gap between content learned at school and the test-taking strategies and skills required to maximize the scoring potential of every student we work with. This course is best suited for students interested in additional exercises and skill building over a longer period of time. Students find that the proper preparation leads to confidence, and confidence leads to success.

Course Outline:

  • 3 hours COMPUTEST™ (online diagnostic SSAT test)
  • 13 two-hour class sessions
  • 3 hour SSAT midterm simulated test
  • Two 3 hour practice SSAT test booklets (Middle or Upper)
  • 3 hour Resume, Application and Interview workshop
  • Final SSAT simulation test
  • 2 hour complimentary client education SSAT and private school admissions process seminar
  • All course materials included

Content and Skills Practice:

  • reading comprehension
  • mathematics
  • verbal - synonym and analogies
  • Essay Writing
    • Middle level students select from two creative prompts.
    • Upper level students select from either a creative prompt or persuasive essay prompt

Comprehensive Materials:

  • exclusive 800+ page PREPSKILLS course book with skill building exercises, exercises for math, writing and vocabulary skills, extra skill builders and handouts, 3 sets of proprietary flashcards (PrepMath™, PrepVerbal™, PrepWord™), PowerWords blank flashcards, 2 full length practice tests, quizzes, PREPKIT™ and online resources.
  • extensive essay topics
  • additional exercises and homework practice

COMPUTEST™: an online diagnostic test that parallels the SSAT developed exclusively by PREPSKILLS®. This test helps determine student proficiencies and areas for improvement in terms of strategy, content, skills and time management. Teachers then work alongside students to formulate a plan to address the results of the test and parents are provided with detailed progress reports.

PREPSKILLS® Midterm and Final Simulated Tests: written under real test conditions at the midterm and end of course. Students are provided the chance to familiarize themselves with the SSAT by writing a simulated test. Not only does this help relieve anxiety but it also serves to increase student confidence. The tests parallel the verbal, reading comprehension, quantitative and essay sections of the SSAT.

BONUS Resume, Application & Interview Workshop:

  • 3 hour skill development workshop
  • Students participate in an interactive, engaging workshop to increase confidence and discover their unique characteristics that will make them stand out!
  • one-on-one interview (materials provided)

FREE Parent Information Seminar:

  • recognize the benefits of test preparation
  • understanding test results
  • information about the admission process and private schools
  • benefits of IB and AP
  • REGISTER to attend an upcoming FREE Private School Admissions Seminar

Note: Resume, Application & Interview Workshop and the Simulations Tests are held at our testing centre. Dates, times and locations will be provided. Shipping charges for materials will be invoiced separately.

Tuition: $2,595 + HST

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Exclusive 800+ page PREPSKILLS course book

Practice SSAT test booklets (Middle Level)

Practice SSAT test booklets (Upper Level)

3 sets of proprietary flashcards (PrepMath™, PrepVerbal™, PrepWord™)