Considering Private School? Boarding school? US Prep School? IB? AP? Specialized Programs? US College/University?


Virtual PrepConnect 2020 –Admissions Networking Event

If you’re considering private school, US prep school, IB/AP, sending your children to study overseas or in the USA, you do not want to miss this event!


If you’re considering private school, sending your children to study overseas or in the USA, you do not want to miss this event!

Join Us September 19, 2020, from 1:45 pm to 6:00 pm EST

What You Can Expect In This Informative Half-Day Session

Meet Admissions Officers, Student Ambassadors and Parents…ask questions, explore your options, and find the right private school FIT!


What You Need To Know If You’re Considering Private School For Your Children

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How Prep Schools Help Set Your Kids Up To Win Big In The Future


How To Maximize Your Children’s Chances of Being Admitted To A US University


The Best Ways To Set Yourself Up For Success As a Student Athlete In University & College

The Topics

  • Private School Admissions ~ Prep Success Roadmap: Holistic Admissions & Finding the Right Fit
  • Single Gender vs CoEd Schools ~ Benefits or Limitations?
  • Boarding School Advantages ~ Why it’s worth considering
  • Top 10 Interview Questions for Students & Parents ~ The Insider Scoop
  • American Prep Schools ~ Pathway to US Colleges?
  • Financing Private School – Scholarships, Financial Aid and Tax breaks


  • 1:45 – 2:00 Welcome and Special Guest
  • 2:00 Panel Presentations and Topic Discussions
  • 5:00 Break out rooms with schools / connect with Admissions Representatives

Agenda may be subject to change.

A day for parents, students and families to explore the most impactful education options available to them, to ensure long term success.
In this session, you will discover:

Is Private School Right For Your Child?

It's often challenging to make the commitment to invest in a private school education. We'll share the benefits of choosing private school, and how they set your child up for success in the future.

How To Secure Admission Into A Private School?

Once you've made the decision to apply to private school, being admitted can have its own challenges. We'll showcase how you can ensure your children have the best chance possible of securing admission.

Selecting The Right School

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to identifying the right private school for your child, including whether to send them to boarding school or keep them at home, choosing co-ed or single-sex, and much more.

Financial Support For Tuition

We'll share the wide variety of financial programs and resources that are now available, that make choosing a private school education more accessible than ever for your children.

Getting Into An American College

Canadian high-school students who wish to be admitted into US Colleges can find the process overwhelming if they aren't set up for success. We've helped thousands of students successfully gain admission into top US schools.

Success In College Athletics

For Student-Athletes, finding the right school can make or break the success of their professional sports career. Robert Grilli, author of The Playbook, A Student-Athletes Guide to Success, will be among our speakers.

Want To Join Us And Prepare Your Child For the Future?

Want To Hear From Some of the Students We’ve Helped In The Past?

Robert Grilli
University of Houston Graduate
Bilaal Rajan
Stanford University Student
Stephen Moranis, Parent of Prepskills Alumn
Stephen Moranis
Parent, UTS Student
Jaden Lo
University of Toronto Schools Student
Katarina and Max
Upper Canada College Student
Adam Lam
University of Toronto Schools Student

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