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We’re excited to be working with Prepskills to deliver on the promise of RBC Future Launch...
Helping Canadian youth prepare for the jobs of tomorrow."

— Valerie Chort, Vice President, Corporate Citizenship, RBC

"RBC Future Launch is a decade-long commitment to helping Canadian youth prepare for the jobs of tomorrow. We are committed to acting as a catalyst for change, bringing government, educators, public sector and not-for-profits together to co-create solutions to help young people better prepare for the future of the work through "human skills" development, networking, work experience, and mental wellbeing supports."

"We’ve found that cultivating a robust professional network is key to building a successful career," said Mark Beckles, Senior Director, Youth Strategy and Innovation, RBC. "Research shows that 70% of all jobs are not published publicly on jobs sites and as much as 80% of jobs are filled through personal and professional connections. Through our partnership with Prepskills, RBC Future Launch can help young Canadians make meaningful connections to bridge the gap between education and employment."

We need youth to succeed.

The world of working is changing, and young people are unprepared.
Canada’s youth are set up to fail in the new economy. In fact, today’s generation is at risk of ending up poorer than their parents. Failing to close the gap in unemployment rates between Canadian youth and people of prime-working age would mean missing out on a nearly $30B lift to our economy. Young people deserve a chance, and that’s why we created Future Launch. If youth fail, we all fail.

Future Launch is our commitment to help young Canadians prepare for a drastically changing workforce.
We see a Future in your Future: The future of work may be changing, but we know you have the potential, the ambition and power to impact the world around you. That’s why we created RBC Future Launch, a program that increase your access to skill development, networking, work experience, mental well-being supports and services. Empowering you for the jobs of tomorrow.

The RBC Future Launch Scholarship

The RBC Future Launch Scholarship could help you take your next step towards a better job. RBC will award 450 scholarships of $1500 to anyone from 15 to 29 who wants to learn something new. The funds can be used to support a wide range of learning opportunities, including short-term courses, workshops, certificates, or online training.

About The Scholarship

The RBC Future Launch Scholarship will be awarded to those who show a clear vision for their future.

  • For Canadian youth between 15-29 years old
  • Enrolled part time in school or not in school at all
  • A Canadian Citizen or Permanent resident
  • Grades and transcripts are not required
  • 450 scholarships available throughout 2020
  • Not working at RBC or a dependent of someone working at RBC

The $1,500 scholarship can be used for many different things, including:

  • Short-term courses
  • Workshops
  • Certificates
  • Necessary equipment or books
  • And much more!

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About RBC Future Launch

RBC Future Launch is a 10-year, $500 million commitment to empower Canadian youth for the jobs of tomorrow. With a focus on networking, skills development, practical work experience and mental wellbeing supports and services, the initiative aims to help break down the barriers facing young people. In 2020, RBC committed to investing $50 million from now to 2025 through RBC Future Launch to create meaningful and transformative pathways to prosperity for up to 25,000 BIPOC youth with investments in areas such as skills development and mentoring.

We’re excited to be working with Prepskills to help bring the promise of RBC Future Launch to life through this important Prepskills project,” said Mark Beckles, Senior Director, Youth Strategy and Innovation, RBC. “We have a responsibility to prepare young people for the opportunities and ambiguities of the future. That starts with teaching them the valuable skills to keep them future-ready and feeling prepared for the future of work.

About Prepskills

PREPSKILLS® is the premier SSAT and SAT preparation provider in Canada for students seeking admission to private or independent schools as well as U.S. colleges and universities. PREPSKILLS® provides end to end services including consulting, events, test prep and EQ skill-development classes.

Empowering young people to stay future ready starts with education. Learning is about resourcefulness, building a network, and sharing ideas with mentors.” says Joanna Severino, Founder & President of Prepskills “In our current reality, the need to connect has become even greater. Together with RBC Future Launch we continue to share resources, support marginalized communities, and develop skills for high school, post-secondary, and career. Prepskills helps young people take their passions and personalities and align them to their bigger future.