PREPEssentials™ is geared toward EQ (Emotional Intelligence) skills development for a growth mindset. Designed to help your child’s budding intelligence blossom, PREPEssentials™ engages young learners in a holistic program of comprehensive learning, including PREPThink™, PREPWrite™, PREPSpeak™ and PREPLeader™. PREPEssentials™ combines innovative thinking techniques with creative writing, confident public-speaking and motivational public-leadership.

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To complete your registration, you will need to complete your administrative enrolment. This process confirms your course selection. For in-class group program, please view our PrepEssentials schedule and find the location and schedule that suits your needs.

Please note that there are no guarantees of dates, times and locations available. Any changes will be addressed by email or phone.

PREPESSENTIALS® – Cultivate your child’s emotional intelligence

Every child needs to gain emotional intelligence – the ability to know what he/she is feeling and to use the feeling as information for guiding behaviour. Every step a child takes in building these essential skills will serve him/her in every setting for the rest of his/her life. The quality of relationships and the success a child achieves in the real world are due in part, by these fundamental skills.

While many parents focus on their child’s intellectual development, research indicates that IQ (Intelligence Quotient, a standard measure that assigns a number relative to a normal curve describing intelligence) will determine approximately 4-10% of your child’s career success.

That leaves the question open – what does determine my child’s career success? A big part of the answer is emotional intelligence. Another significant factor in your child’s life success is interpersonal success – how well a child gets along with others. In fact, social success is driven by emotional intelligence. This means that your child’s ability to understand his/her own emotions, read other people’s emotions, and express him/herself skillfully will in large part drive how successful she is in being liked and supported by others.

This program is designed for high achieving students who will benefit by enhancing their native abilities – improving communications, confidence and leadership abilities

Think of emotional intelligence as a long-term investment in your child’s well-being!

If your child is currently in Grades 4-8, consider PrepEssentials™ towards that important step! Please call us for information regarding our Upper Level PrepEssentials program for high school students.

As the only program of its kind in Canada, PrepEssentials™ is geared toward EQ skills development for children to maximize success with a growth mindset. Designed to help your child’s budding EQ emotional intelligence blossom, PREPEssentials™ engages young learners in a holistic program of comprehensive learning. PREPThink™, PREPWrite™, PREPSpeak™ and PREPLeader™. PrepEssentials™ combines innovative thinking techniques with creative writing, confident public-speaking and motivational public-leadership.

The future of work will increasingly require a labour force equipped with entrepreneurial and EQ skills to adapt to technological changes. We believe it is important to introduce critical thinking skills, acceptance of risk, failure and uncertainty at an early age to encourage a growth mindset.

Growth Mindset and Emotional Intelligence:

EQ Intelligence can be developed with a desire to learn and therefore a tendency to:

  • embrace challenges
  • persist in the face of setbacks
  • see effort as the path to mastery
  • learn from criticism
  • find lessons and inspiration in the success of others

As a result, students achieve an even higher level of achievement.

PREPSKILLS® is passionate about creating future leaders that change the world. Independent Thinkers. Self-Made Futures.™

Note that PrepEssentials™ classes are NOT offered on a year-round consistent basis. View our schedule for upcoming sessions. Summer 2-week Academy schedules and once a week offerings are available.  Call the PREPSKILLS® office to register as class sizes and offerings are limited.



In the high-speed, technologically changing, media-centric world we live in, information from a variety of sources travels at the speed of light. Preparing your child with the skills needed to maneuver successfully through that ever-expanding network of information will help pave the path toward a successful future. PREPTHINK™ will open your child’s mind by exposing them to various modes of thinking. We provide students with the skills needed to deconstruct, evaluate, and reconstruct information as it applies to a wide range of social and academic experiences.


Writing well is an elusive art for many people. But at PREPSKILLS®, we believe that writing essays, compositions, and other forms of prose should be an enjoyable act of self-expression. To write well requires that a person possesses certain skills of composition, and through PREPWRITE™, we equip your child with those skills through a series of writing activities, analyses, and critical reflection. Writing should be a liberating conduit through which your child learns to state ideas, analyze claims, and construct coherent viewpoints. Opening that conduit is the basis of the PREPWRITE™ program.


It is a common belief, that charismatic speakers possess a natural talent for speech making, at PREPSKILLS®, we know speaking well is a skill that can be taught and learned. Required by both the academic and entrepreneurial worlds, the ability to speak publicly is crucial to your child’s academic and social success. The use of confident body language, vocal emphasis, and logical debating techniques forms the basis of the PREPSPEAK™ program, where your child will learn to speak up, speak out, and speak well.


At PREPSKILLS®, we believe that leaders are made, not born. Designed to nurture your child’s unique leadership potential, PREPLEADER™ introduces students to the five “styles” of leadership, reinforcing the leadership skills they already possess and introducing them to new ones. Whether this is your child’s first or ninety-first step on the path towards being a leader, our classroom-based role-playing, problem solving, and leadership activities will bolster their ability to work with and within group settings.

My Son needed help with his overall writing and reading skills, I called and spoke to a team member at Prepskills, and she explained about this program that they have called PrepEssentials; as the only program of its kind in Canada, PrepEssential is geared toward EQ skills development for children to maximize success with a growth mindset. she told me that the program helps with Leadership skills, Public Speaking, writing and reading, I was a bit skeptical at first like with all these other programs out there, but after the 4th class we started to see our son asking us during the week that he has a very important essay to complete in class, little did we know that he was referencing the weekend class at Prepskills! We are very happy with his progress, and he is sad that the class is ending in May. We wanted to say thank you to Mrs. Wilson for all the hard work she has put into the class.

Love B. Family

Our daughter was waitlisted by the 3 JR. private schools that we applied to. Naturally we were concerned about the waitlist process and whether our daughter would get a spot so we contacted Prepskills. After a discussion with Joanna, we had a strategy in place which in the end netted out strong results. Our daughter was offered by 2 of the 3 schools, providing us with options that will help our daughter succeed. Thank you Joanna and Prepskills!

Natalie V.

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