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  • PrepPrivateSchool ™

    PrepPrivateSchool ™ includes:

    SSAT Prep Plus Class Session Preparation (Select Group Class or Private)
    PrepEssentials Class Session Preparation
    1 hour group Q & A and information session with 

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  • SSAT Prep

    The SSAT is the required entrance exam to some of the finest secondary schools in the world, and a number of private and independent schools use it as an…

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  • Private School Consulting

    Overwhelmed by the Admissions & Application Process?

    Since 2002, Joanna Severino and Prepskills has helped thousands of students gain admissions to the top boarding schools, private schools, colleges and universities…

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  • UTS Stage 2 Workshop (Hybrid: In-Person & Virtual)

    To prepare for UTS Stage 2, join the PREPSKILLS UTS Stage 2 workshop.
    UTS Stage 2 Workshop components include:

    Overview with Joanna Severino, President, PREPSKILLS
    The Multiple Mini-Interview (MMI)…

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  • Practice SSAT Tests

    Full-length practice tests, SSAT Math & Verbal Practice books developed by PREPSKILLS Inc. to provide students with additional practice before taking the official SSAT*. Close the gap between classroom…

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  • IB Admissions – IB Test Fee

    The IB test examines students on their verbal reasoning, reading comprehension and quantitative/mathematical analysis (including arithmetic, geometry, and basic algebra).

    IB Test Fee:
    This fee payment is required to register to…

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  • SSAT Bundle Practice Tests

    This SSAT Bundle includes:

    Full-length, SSAT examination booklet – delivered using a paper-based format with solutions.
    The PREPSKILLS® SSAT Math Practice Tests book contains 500 Practice Questions with solutions.

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  • Résumé, Application & Interview Workshop

    3 hour skill development workshop
    Students participate in an interactive, engaging workshop to increase confidence and discover their unique characteristics that will make them stand out!

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  • SSAT COMPUTEST Online Diagnostic

    For students who want instant scoring feedback by completing an online computerized version of the SSAT* in the comfort of your own home, PREPSKILLS Inc. is proud to offer…

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  • SSAT Simulated Test

    For students who want to relieve test anxiety by “sitting” an actual SSAT* under a “real” testing environment, PREPSKILLS Inc. is proud to offer this exclusive opportunity with individualized…

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  • CAT Prep

    This Canadian Achievement Test (CAT) program helps students prepare for the private school admission process. Students will be taught test-taking strategies using a set of tests of reading, mathematics,…

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  • ISEE Prep

    The ISEE format is similar to the SSAT, however Quantitative Comparisons are used in the ISEE math portion and there is no scoring penalty for incorrect answers.

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