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  • PrepUSCollege ™

    PrepUSCollege ™ includes:

    SAT Class Session Preparation (Select Group Class or Private)
    US College Admissions Consulting – 10 hours private consulting with our expert US College Admissions consultants

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  • PrepPrivateSchool ™

    PrepPrivateSchool ™ includes:

    SSAT Prep Plus Class Session Preparation (Select Group Class or Private)
    PrepEssentials Class Session Preparation
    1 hour group Q & A and information session with 

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  • SAT Prep

    The SAT is for students in grades 9-12 interested in applying to American colleges and universities as most accept the SAT as part of their admission process. This comprehensive…

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  • SSAT Prep

    The SSAT is the required entrance exam to some of the finest secondary schools in the world, and a number of private and independent schools use it as an…

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  • U.S. College Consulting

    The U.S. Admissions process is complex, time consuming and highly competitive, and in fact, most successful students actually engage the assistance of a professional to navigate the complex process…

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  • SAT COMPUTEST Online Diagnostic

    The PREPSKILLS® full-length, online SAT CompuTest is designed for those students currently in grades nine to twelve.  The SAT CompuTest mimics the official SAT experience and provides students with an excellent…

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  • U.S. Admissions Guide

    The PREPSKILLS® U.S. Admissions Guide is the only guidebook of its kind to target Canadian students who are applying to American universities. The US Admissions Guide includes information related to…

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  • PrepEssentials

    PREPEssentials™ is geared toward EQ (Emotional Intelligence) skills development for a growth mindset. Designed to help your child’s budding intelligence blossom, PREPEssentials™ engages young learners in a holistic program…

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  • Private School Consulting

    Overwhelmed by the Admissions & Application Process?

    Since 2002, Joanna Severino and Prepskills has helped thousands of students gain admissions to the top boarding schools, private schools, colleges and universities…

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  • ACT Prep

    The ACT is for students in grades 9-12 interested in applying to U.S. Colleges and universities as part of the admissions process. The ACT has traditionally been a more…

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  • UTS Stage 2 Workshop (Hybrid: In-Person & Virtual)

    To prepare for UTS Stage 2, join the PREPSKILLS UTS Stage 2 workshop.
    UTS Stage 2 Workshop components include:

    Overview with Joanna Severino, President, PREPSKILLS
    Math/Language training (for Grade…

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  • PSAT Prep

    PSAT stands for Preliminary SAT and is a standardized test that provides practice for the SAT. The PSAT is an unofficial test that measures critical reading skills, math problem…

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  • Practice SSAT Tests

    Full-length practice tests, SSAT Math & Verbal Practice books developed by PREPSKILLS Inc. to provide students with additional practice before taking the official SSAT*. Close the gap between classroom…

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  • IB Admissions – IB Test Fee

    The IB test examines students on their verbal reasoning, reading comprehension and quantitative/mathematical analysis (including arithmetic, geometry, and basic algebra).

    IB Test Fee:
    This fee payment is required to register to…

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  • SSAT Bundle Practice Tests

    This SSAT Bundle includes:

    Full-length, SSAT examination booklet – delivered using a paper-based format with solutions.
    The PREPSKILLS® SSAT Math Practice Tests book contains 500 Practice Questions with solutions.

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