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  • SSAT Bundle Practice Tests

    This SSAT Bundle includes:

    Full-length, SSAT examination booklet – delivered using a paper-based format with solutions.
    The PREPSKILLS® SSAT Math Practice Tests book contains 500 Practice Questions with solutions.

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  • PrepElite Athlete Program

    For Elite Student Athletes considering an American University or College.

    Prepare for your SAT/ACT/SAT Subject admission tests
    Become familiar with the US College admissions and recruiting process

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  • 1600 Level SAT Prep

    For Canadian students who strive to train and specifically target the upper end SAT exam questions, PREPSKILLS offers their 1600 Level Private In-Home Prep. This program provides additional One-on-One…

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  • AP Subject Tests

    Students take the AP Subject Tests to demonstrate to colleges their mastery of specific subjects such as English, history, mathematics, science, and foreign languages. All of the AP Subject…

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  • In-Home One-on-One Sessions

    Every student enrolled in PREPSKILLS® can benefit from In-Home One-on-One Sessions. This private and personalized attention results in the development of an individual testing plan in order to maximize…

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  • Résumé, Application & Interview Workshop

    3 hour skill development workshop
    Students participate in an interactive, engaging workshop to increase confidence and discover their unique characteristics that will make them stand out!

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  • SSAT COMPUTEST Online Diagnostic

    For students who want instant scoring feedback by completing an online computerized version of the SSAT* in the comfort of your own home, PREPSKILLS Inc. is proud to offer…

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  • SSAT Simulated Test

    For students who want to relieve test anxiety by “sitting” an actual SSAT* under a “real” testing environment, PREPSKILLS Inc. is proud to offer this exclusive opportunity with individualized…

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  • CAT Prep

    This Canadian Achievement Test (CAT) program helps students prepare for the private school admission process. Students will be taught test-taking strategies using a set of tests of reading, mathematics,…

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  • ISEE Prep

    The ISEE format is similar to the SSAT, however Quantitative Comparisons are used in the ISEE math portion and there is no scoring penalty for incorrect answers.

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