Are you smarter than an 8th grader?

Toronto Star Touch

Students hoping to attend an Ontario private high school next fall are cramming for their SSATs (Secondary School Admission Tests). Think you could pass?

Try the Toronto Star's abbreviated version: a multiple-choice test with language and math sections that was developed for Star Touch by PREPSKILLS.


The STEM experience

Finding the school where your child’s interest in science, technology, engineering and math can thrive

Eric Emin Wood
Town Crier

Joanna Severino knows firsthand how difficult it can be to find the right school for a child who’s already started counting ducks, experimenting with vinegar and baking soda, or asking how a computer works.

Before her son Nathan, now nine, started junior kindergarten he was already demonstrating an apititude for the so-called STEM subjects — Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. But as the owner of PREPSKILLS, a private tutoring company that connects parents across the city with private and independent schools and universities, Severino also knew that a school advertising a STEM program meant little more than someone on its marketing team being familiar with a buzzword.


More Alberta students than ever considering

U.S. Colleges

Eva Ferguson
Calgary Herald

Facing challenging high tuition rates, overcrowding, and rigorous academic requirements at Alberta universities, a growing wave of Calgary students are considering heading south of the border for their post-secondary education.


SATs? Scholarships? What You Need To Know

About U.S. Colleges

Sonya Davidson
Urban Mom

We sometimes joke around about our kids one day going to Harvard, that's the dream isn't it? But then we really started to think if something like that is really a possibility for Canadians? How do you go about it? According to the International Institute of Education, the rate of international students studying in the US has risen by 72 percent since 2000. In the 2013/2014 academic year, 28,304 students from Canada were studying in the United States. Canada ranks fifth as the country of origin for students studying in the US.


More Canadians Pursuing College Dream in America

US College Expo features admission experts and life advice from Gold Medalist Tessa Bonhomme

Toronto, ON (March 2015) - As more Canadians pursue a college dream south of the border, the US College Expo will kick-off a multi-city tour this April offering guidance on the complex admission process that many students start as early as grade 9 in order to gain a competitive edge. Due to increased interest from across Canada, this unique Expo will expand its presence from Toronto to include Vancouver, Calgary and Ottawa this year.


How to Survive the College Admissions Madness

Frank Bruni
The New York Times

HERE we go again. At Harvard, Emory, Bucknell and other schools around the country, there have been record numbers of applicants yearning for an elite degree. They’ll get word in the next few weeks. Most will be turned down.


What tutoring and the education system

DOES NOT teach your child...

Here are some questions to ponder:
Is your child disenchanted with the education system?
Should information flow in just one direction?
Should students be the ones asking the questions?


CommonApp personal statement helps students

get into US colleges, universities

As important as SAT scores are in securing admission to US Colleges and Universities, there is more to admission than scoring high on a an aptitude test. Admissions officers want students, not scores…and they want to know that those students can think critically and perform as well-rounded adults. Enter the Common App, which serves over a million students and school officials each year with free, standardized online first year and transfer application forms.


Private schools: advice from the experts

This September at PrepConnect 2014 – Toronto's premier private school admissions networking event – our all-star panel of private school admissions officers, selected from the most prominent private schools in North America, had plenty to say: how to get in to an independent school, what makes the private school experience special, what private schools are looking for in a student, and much more. You can listen to their candid answers to the questions most frequently asked by parents considering private school…or read some excerpts from this incredibly dynamic, exciting event.


Ivy League Schools: What Canadian students need..

There are upwards of 4,000 colleges and universities in the US, but for you, nothing but the best will do, and that means an Ivy League college. Now you've narrowed it down to just eight – not bad! Here, in no particular order, is the list:

  • Harvard
  • Yale
  • Brown
  • Cornell
  • Columbia
  • Penn
  • Dartmouth
  • Princeton


Private School Financing Helps Parents

Parents who want to challenge their children to fulfill their true potential are faced with a wide array of choices today. Public school eligibility in Toronto is largely determined by one’s address, but special programs like French Immersion allow students to range farther afield; there are independent schools, private schools, and with the Internet providing virtually unlimited resources, home schooling is also becoming a more popular and accepted option for parents. Today, more than ever, the choices can seem overwhelming. But if you have done the research and decided on an alternative to traditional public schooling, you might still be wondering how you are going to pay for it.


NCAA? Don’t Forget SAT!

Your teen has long had a dream. It may have started with that gymnastics or Sportsball class you put him in as a toddler; continued in elementary school and middle school as your daughter first made the cross-country team, then took it to OFSAA; now in high school, your varsity basketball star is getting written up in the local papers and dreams of playing NCAA ball in the States and then being signed by a pro franchise.


Back to School Success Starts With PrepConnect!

Another school year has just begun, after a summer that might have been too long or too short depending on your perspective – and with the new school year comes another year of wondering if you have made the best choices for your child. Issues such as the quality of their school curriculum, facilities, class size, bullying, test scores, streaming, and other concerns may be on your mind; even if your child is content with their current school, as another year begins, you may be wondering if there is a better alternative.


Announcing: PrepConnect 2014 Official Program

At PrepSkills, our primary purpose is to help your child succeed. For some students, that means preparing them for the SATs and helping them navigate the US College admissions process. Other young people take advantage of our essential skills enrichment program, PrepEssentials, to gain confidence, creativity and leadership skills. But if you are the parent of a school-aged child in the Greater Toronto Area, and you are just thinking about finding the best possible private education for your child, you might not even know where to start. That’s where we come in. We have designed the PrepConnect event just for you.


US College Expo

If you were born and raised in Canada or abroad, you may not understand the US post-secondary education system – or why your teen is so interested in going to college in the States! Of course you have heard of Ivy League schools like Harvard, Princeton and Yale. But what about specialized colleges like the New York Film Academy, whose alumni include Pierce Brosnan, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins? Or Penn State, whose medical students intern in one of the world’s best children’s hospitals?


Choosing the Right School

You have kissed countless knees, taken countless temperatures and washed a million cloths; you’ve tried to guide your little one toward good habits, good manners and a good diet; you’ve agonized over milestones and daycare and sleep. But when it came to elementary school, if you lived in Toronto, you hadn’t necessarily much choice: admission is determined by postal code and little else. Then you realized that if you really wanted the best possible start for your child, it might be time to look into private schools and see what they could offer.


Changes in SAT Testing

The SAT is a paper-based, standardized test that’s been around, in one incarnation or another, since 1926 for the purpose of admissions into college or university undergraduate programs in the United States. While it is supposed to measure scholastic aptitude, critics have long accused the SAT of only measuring how well a student takes the SAT!


PrepConnect 2014

Have you been considering a Toronto private school education for your child – maybe even one of the most prestigious private schools like Havergal College, Bayview Glen, UTS or Bishop Strachan – but aren’t sure where to get straight answers? For example, will an admissions officer or student recruiter really be honest about the difference between their school and other private schools in the city – or between their school and a public school education, for that matter? What are these competitive schools really looking for? And does private school really give kids an edge when it comes to applying for University?


Private School Admission: Preparation is Key

If you have decided on private school for your child, you’ve probably already set aside thousands for tuition, researched your options (do you want a co-ed school? boarding school? specific extracurricular offerings?) and attended open houses on your short list of prospective institutions. If you’re ready to apply – often a year in advance of your desired start date – you may already be realizing that the private school application process can be a stressful one, even with all the prep work you’ve already done. You may need to collect supplementary data from your child’s current school and reference letters from his or her teachers. And then, it’s time for the testing.


Private School Admission 101

If you have been wondering about private school as an option for your child, you're not alone; in 2014, thousands of Canadian parents enrolled their kids in private or independent schools and preparatory academies. Though the Ontario public school system is generally well respected, for some parents who are seeking an academic edge for their children, private school is the only way to go.