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Hello and thank you for your interest in PREPSKILLS®, Canada's premier SSAT and SAT preparation provider. Our goal is to provide students with the skills they need to navigate and excel on standard exams. We work with a range of students from top scholars to athletes to artists and humanitarians, so no matter what a student's academic objectives, PREPSKILLS® can help find the right fit to achieve them.

At PREPSKILLS® we strive to maximize the scoring potential of each and every student. While doing so, we also believe in imparting leadership skills and a love of life-long learning, qualities that serve students long after they've moved on from their academic careers.

Our steadfast research team ensures that all materials employed by PREPSKILLS® are up-to-date and consistent with concurrent examination standards and our teachers are trained in SSAT and SAT-specific teaching techniques. What's more, we are the only Canadian company dedicated to providing student athletes with the tools required to satisfy the requirements of the NCAA Clearing House.

Through our many years of dedicated service we have built relationships with a variety of educational and affiliate partners in both in Canada and the United States. And we are proud to have launched the academic careers of thousands of students across North America. So whether a student's goal is entry to an esteemed private school in Canada or the halls of an Ivy League stalwart, PREPSKILLS® has the tools and training to get them there.

We look forward to discussing what PREPSKILLS® can do for you.

Joanna Severino, B.Comm., B.Ed., OCT

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Founder & President of PREPSKILLS


Joanna Severino Founder & President of PREPSKILLS

What inspired you to create PREPSKILLS?

As a teacher, I worked hard to create an environment for students to excel in achieving important milestones in education. I also felt that it was important to help parents and families make critical decisions about the options in education. Education is more than academics. It's a way to grow the essential skills that cultivate an individual's emotional intelligence. For many Canadian families, applying to private schools and US colleges can be daunting. Prepskills helps navigate this process by giving families the tools, resources and connections, to help their children reach their potential... for the future.

How has your own education influenced PREPSKILLS?

Education is really about resourcefulness. When you're resourceful, things happen and opportunities are created. I believe that success is created when preparation meets opportunity. As a certified teacher and passionate mom-preneur, I'm constantly looking for ways to ensure that students connect with these opportunities and get the valuable information they need to make informed decisions about education.

What do you do to foster your own love of life-long learning?

I spend a lot of time around my own kids! They inspire me to think and act bigger. Believe bigger, grow bigger, wonder bigger, and create bigger. I invest in building relationships in every area of my life. I enjoy being motivated. Inspirational reading and strategic growth workshops are two ways I achieve this. Some of my favourite authors include: Malcolm Gladwell, Rhonda Byrne, Jack Canfield, Deepak Chopra, Stephen Convey, Wayne Dyer, Napoleon Hill and more!

What is your proudest achievement regarding PREPSKILLS?

Every spring, I have the incredible pleasure of hearing back from our families. They share the wonderful news of their child's acceptance to a private independent school or US College. I'm most proud of giving families a roadmap, a sense of confidence in their child's future, and most importantly, peace of mind.

How does PREPSKILLS give back to the community?

At the age of 28, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I learned one of life's most important lessons, "Be your own advocate." Through chemotherapy, stem cell transplant and recovery, I had to be. Being positive and determined were the key factors in navigating through my journey with cancer. I am honored to have the opportunity to support Childhood Cancer Canada through the PREPSKILLS "Wings of Hope" initiative.

Each year we receive student submissions of inspirational words and images, to create a printed collection that celebrates the beauty of life. Proceeds from the sale of Wings of Hope books support educational scholarships for kids with cancer. For more information, visit

Joanna Severino, President, PrepSkills and David Huckvale, Director of Admission and University Placement – Country Day School

Joanna Severino and UTS student ambassadors reconnect!

Joanna Severino supporting families interested in US College Admissions