SSAT Testimonial Highlights


Frank Samuel, Upper Canada College

"You called to ask which schools accepted my son - ALL THREE, UCC, Del and St Michael's. We have narrowed our choice to UCC or Del."


Submitted by: Frank Samuel, Father, Toronto
Current School: Upper Canada College (UCC)

Oliver Guzzo, University of Toronto Schools

"I'm glad to inform you that my daughter was accepted to UTS. It's a big achievement for her and she is very proud and happy about the result of her efforts. All our family would like to thank you and your wonderful colleagues for exceptional tutoring! Many thanks and best regards from our daughter!"


Submitted by: Oliver Guzzo, Father, Toronto
Current School: University of Toronto Schools (UTS)

Debbie Quilter, University of Toronto Schools

"My son has been accepted by UTS with your help from the Essay and Interview Workshop. Thank you so much!"


Submitted by: Debbie Quilter, Mother, Peterborough
Current School: University of Toronto Schools (UTS)

Melissa Shultz, St. Michael's College

"My son has been accepted to the school of his choice, St. Michael’s College School. As a matter of fact he was accepted to all 3 schools that he applied for. As a parent I found that not only did PREPSKILLS assist him in doing well on the SSAT Exam but it gave him great confidence during the school interviews. I have also noticed an overall improvement in everything from his essay writing to his general school assignments. Thank you and once again we have no problem in recommending PREPSKILLS to any child looking to improve themselves."


Submitted by: Melissa Shultz, Mother, Woodbridge
Current School: St. Michael's College School

Lombadi Family, St. Michael's College School

"Prepskills has changed Andrew's style / attitude towards school - everything seems to be coming so much easier to him. He also seems to have come out of his shell quite a bit. Thanks PREPSKILLS®"


Submitted by: Lombadi family, Oakville
Current School: Appleby College

Sandra & Domenic, Parents, Oakville

"After taking the course, my child is confident in his ability to write the SSAT and score to the best of his potential"


Submitted by: Sandra & Domenic, Parents, Oakville

Peter & Rose, Parents, Kleinberg

"We noticed a real improvement in essay writing and math problems. The method you use to teach how to write an effective essay in 25 minutes is impressive. It really helped him focus and do well on the essay topic assigned on the official SSAT. The resources you provide on your web site are also excellent!"


Submitted by: Peter & Rose, Parents, Kleinberg

Andrew Koltowski, Father, Toronto

"The innovative on-line COMPUTEST™ diagnostic is user-friendly. The analysis of the test, providing scores and detailing strengths and weaknesses helped us participate in the process by going over specific areas with Kelly at home"


Submitted by: Andrew Koltowski, Father, Toronto

Nancy D'Souza, Mother, Woodbridge

"The course ran smoothly, clear expectations and valuable resources. Phone calls were always returned and information was clarified when requested. Thank you!"


Submitted by: Nancy D'Souza, Mother, Woodbridge

Charles & Mary, Parents, Oakville

"Thank you for being flexible in structuring the program to meet Peter's needs"


Submitted by: Charles & Mary, Parents, Oakville

Kelly & Joe, Parents, Toronto

"I chose PREPSKILLS® because of the professionalism of the organization and the confidence in knowing that my son would be prepared to the best of your ability. The practice SSAT test was great too. I would recommend your service and use it again if needed."


Submitted by: Kelly & Joe, Parents, Toronto

Maria & Anthony, Parents, North York

"The test-prep classes were very helpful and Jessica's scores improved. In addition, she is consistently doing better on her tests at school as a result of taking this course. Thanks for teaching helpful strategies!"


Submitted by: Maria & Anthony, Parents, North York

Lily Zhang, Mother, Newmarket

"Thank you for offering a great service to students and parents!"


Submitted by: Lily Zhang, Mother, Newmarket


"You personalized the whole application process and followed up on specifics as they related to Jordan. Thank you!"


Submitted by: Eric Wang, Father, Toronto

Phillip Ng, Parents, Mississauga

Knowledge - Choice - Success... means giving material form to dreams


Submitted by: Phillip Ng, Parents, Mississauga

Preparation for ANY Middle-High School Admission

"Several Ontario private schools do not use the SSAT for entrance, but use a similar exam prepared by the school. Although my child was not writing the SSAT examination, I chose to have him join the PREPSKILLS® course. The emphasis on test-taking strategies proved to be extremely beneficial. Thank you for providing superb test preparation for my child who has been accepted into the school of his choice!"


Submitted by: Cheung & Edmond Li, Parents, Toronto

Ontario Certified Teachers Make the Difference

"The teacher was highly knowledgeable in the subject matter, as well as the test taking strategies. She was available on an as-needed basis for individual help before and after class. I was most impressed with her ability to relate to my child and the friendly environment she created. We were extremely pleased with our interaction with PREPSKILLS INC. and the staff."


Submitted by: Cathy & Daniel, Parents, Richmond Hill

No Price Too High to Give Kids an Edge

"Congratulations on being featured in the National Post article "Taking them Private", November 25, 2002. Competition for entrance to private school is very intense. The skills and strategies that Alex learned were extremely useful and transferable across all disciplines. The SSAT simulation at the end of the course helped him build confidence and gain a better understanding of HOW to take the test. The money was very well spent! Thank you!"


Submitted by: Jamie-Lee & Richard, Parents, Aurora

PREPSKILLS Courses Go Beyond Expectations

"Thank you for your kindness and efforts in teaching Sean and Stephen. The PREPSKILLS® course has been a wonderful learning experience. The boys enjoyed the classes. They said that the teacher was very nice and the lessons very thorough and fun. They also enjoyed being with others focused on the same task. The children have truly benefited from the knowledge they have attained."


Submitted by: Jenny, Dino, Sean & Stephen, Toronto

UTS Standards of Excellence

"What can I say - my wife and I are very pleased at the SSAT test results - 99th percentile! A special thanks to my son's teacher, for his effective and skilled instruction. We think your course made a very tangible difference in the outcome. When we compared the actual SSAT results with my son's scores on your diagnostic test, (written just ten weeks before) we could see the improvement... about a 75 total scaled points increase! For UTS Middle level testing, he exceeded the cut-off scaled score for boys by 24 points and placed in the top ten boys accepted!"


Submitted by: John Maya, Father
Current School: University of Toronto Schools (UTS)