SSAT Testimonial Highlights


The Spirit of PREPSKILLS

"You are truly wonderful! I started the SSAT process late and you were very helpful, kind and supportive. Thanks for being so accessible and answering my questions promptly, accurately and efficiently. The teacher was excellent. We were offered admission at De La Salle, Havergal, and BSS. Now the challenge is choosing which one! From one mom to another - I want to thank you for all your encouragement and advice, regardless of the outcome! Great quality people at PREPSKILLS®"


Submitted by: Susan Lotmore, Mother, Toronto
Current School: De La Salle College 'Oaklands'


"I chose PREPSKILLS® because I felt the individual/small group instruction and coaching would help our son focus better, learn the material more thoroughly and leverage his preparation for the examination. Scott's confidence in himself and his ability to complete the test well increased noticeably. He enjoyed learning the specific strategies for approaching the SSAT test and we know he will employ a more strategic approach to test writing skills in the future."


Submitted by: Sharon Miller, Mother, Toronto

Anna Provad, Academy for Gifted Children

"The program my daughter attended helped her greatly during the SSAT exam."


Submitted by: Anna Provad, Mother, Thornhill
Current School: The Academy for Gifted Children - P.A.C.E.

Leon Stef, University of Toronto Schools

"We finally received the letter, Nicole was admitted to UTS! I appreciate the excellent quality of the workshop offered by Prepskills in January and now I can say that was also very effective. Nicole said she would rate the workshop somewhere between 9 and 10."


Submitted by: Leon Stef, Toronto
Current School: University of Toronto Schools (UTS)

Jonathan Yung, University of Toronto Schools

"We got the acceptance letter today and very happy to say that Tiffany got a place at UTS. Thanks for the preparation. I am sure the preparation did make a huge difference."


Submitted by: Jonathan Yung, Father, Richmond Hill
Current School: University of Toronto Schools (UTS)

Susan and John Kivlichan, UTS & De La Salle

"When we made the decision to send our sons to private schools, Prepskills ensured they were fully prepared for the content and knew the optimal test-taking strategies for the SSAT.


Submitted by: Susan and John Kivlichan, Parents, Toronto
Current School: University of Toronto Schools & De La Salle College

Ingrid Camhi, Mother, Havergal College

"Prepskills has made the difference between fear and confidence before taking the SSAT. Our daughter knew what to expect with all the tools,materials and information Prepskills provided her."


Submitted by: Ingrid Camhi, Mother, Toronto
Current School: Havergal College

Miranda, University of Toronto Schools

"The prepskills text book was extremely helpful, easy to understand and covers all of the SSAT materials. I'm very satisfied with the way my scores turned out!"


Submitted by: Miranda, Student, Richmond Hill
Current School: University of Toronto Schools (UTS)

John Zhang, Upper Canada College

"Thank you so much for your help in guiding me through the admissions process and providing a lot of very useful information that came in handy numerous times throughout the entire process. UTS stage II workshop was so informative and fantastic. I’ve learned how to give the best of myself in the interview."


Submitted by: John Zhang, Student, Scaborough
Accepted School: University of Toronto Schools (UTS) & Upper Canada College (UCC)

Janice M, Mother, St. Clement's School (SCS)

"Lea was accepted at Havergal and St. Clement's and has selected St. Clement's."


Submitted by: Janice M, Mother, Toronto
Current School: St. Clement's

Elaine Ying, Mother, St. George's School

"My son did the SSAT program on the Internet using the EPREPSKILLS real time on line tutoring. We are very very satisfied with this result. We really really appreciate what you did for him. We think we are very lucky to get help from you. He was also very well prepared for the interview. You did a great job preparing him for all possible questions, especially since he has only been in Canada for a little over a year. He received the 95th percentile overall on his official SSAT!


Submitted by: Elaine Ying, Mother, Vancouver
Current School: St. George's School

JM, Mother, Bishop Strachan School (BSS)

"Sophie applied to two schools - St Clements and BSS. She got into both and in fact got a scholarship (partial arts) to BSS. She will be going there this September."


Submitted by: JM, Mother, Toronto
Current School: Bishop Strachan School (BSS)

Kenneth Tan, University of Toronto Schools

"It is difficult to gauge how much Prepskills affected Kevin and Sam's SSAT score. I know it helped as far as getting them used to the examination structure. This allows them to be calm and not feel like their lost at the beginning of the exam thus giving them advantage of time (more time to do work rather than trying to wonder what to do and what is expected). It also helped them in managing the time in writing the exam itself.


Submitted by: Kenneth Tan, Father, Gormley
Current School: University of Toronto Schools (UTS)

Marnie Landon, University of Toronto Schools

"My daughter Natalie was the last group of potential UTS students to write the UTS proprietary format entrance exam. The following year, UTS started to use the SSAT, aligning itself with other private schools.


Submitted by: Marnie Landon, Mother,Toronto
Current School: University of Toronto Schools (UTS)

Cotroneo Family, De La Salle College

"Our experience with Prepskills was nothing short of fantastic. Prepskills put together a comprehensive training and study package for our daughter Olivia that gave her the confidence and skills to complete her test. When we first received the SSAT practice test we thought we could go it alone and never considered hiring a tutor, but Olivia was overwhelmed by the test. Prepskills came in and sent us a wonderful tutor named Samantha. Samantha made Olivia feel comfortable and was able to help Olivia in her trouble areas, we experienced a 30% improvement from the practice test.


Submitted by: Cotroneo Family,Toronto
Current School: De La Salle College 'Oaklands'

Tracy Siklos, Mother, Oakville

"I just wanted to write in to thank you for our recent experience with your company. From Alexandra in the office, who really went out of her way to accommodate our special circumstances and basically designed a custom program for us, to Sandra, our teacher, who was excellent and so helpful with my son, we are very pleased and appreciative. We were in a new and unique situation for us applying to a US prep school (private independent school), and your people really came through to help my son prepare for his upcoming SSAT/ISEE exam.


Submitted by: Tracy Siklos, Mother, Oakville

Nicole & David, Parents, Crescent School

"Thank you for all your efforts, honesty and integrity toward our family as we prepared Jason for the Grade 6 entry exam at Crescent School.


Submitted by: Nicole & David, Parents
Current school: Crescent School

Kevin, Father, Richmond Hill

"My wife and I are actually very glad we signed the kids up for this program because we noticed that their essay writing skills have quadrupled in quality. They are writing so well now and this is all specifically as a result from Prepskills and the sessions with Tony, their teacher. We gauged this from the time they finished the last school year (2008-09) until last week (2009-10 school year). The work is day and night! Thank you."


Submitted by: Kevin, Father, Richmond Hill

John Davis-Djebarova, University of Toronto Schools

John is an ex-student of Forest Hill Public School.

As a result of the preparation from Spirit of Math Schools and PrepSkills he had high score at his SAT exam. He applied for St. Michael School and UTS and got accepted with scholarships in both of them. His school of choice is UTS.


Submitted by: John Davis-Djebarova, Student, Toronto
Accepted to: University of Toronto Schools

Claire Chen, University of Toronto Schools

Claire graduated from Denlow Public School's gifted program in 2008. After achieving an overall percentile of 99 on her SSATs, Claire was accepted by UTS as one of the top ten girls, eventually finishing grade seven with the third highest average in her grade. The following year, her academic average increased to second out of all the other students in grade eight.


Submitted by: Claire Chen, Student, Toronto
Accepted to: University of Toronto Schools