Testimonial Highlights


Congratulations to all our PREPSKILLS alumni who have transitioned to private schools including... top scholars at UTS, Havergal, St. Clement's School, Upper Canada College, Crescent, Bishop Strachan, Branksome, St. Michael's College, De La Salle College, Royal St. George’s College, Holy Trinity, CHAT, PACE, Ashbury College, Elmwood College, Mentor College, Pickering College, Phillips Exeter Academy, Toronto French School, Country Day School, St. Andrew's College, Appleby College, St. George's College, Lower Canada College, Andover, Lawrenceville, and more. Our US college students have been successfully admitted to US Colleges such as Harvard, Brown, Princeton, Yale, NYU, U Penn, Cornell, Clarkson, MIT, Boston College, Boston University, Dartmouth, Amherst College, Duke, Princeton, Columbia, Georgetown, MIT, John Hopkins, Stanford, UCLA, Wellesley College, Wesleyan University, UC Berkeley, Michigan, Chapman, Colgate, St. George's Medicine and more! A number of our alumni have also been admitted to UK universities including Cambridge, University College of London, and University of Edinburgh. Finally, our Canadian university bound students have been admitted to University of Ottawa, University of Western Ontario, York University, University of Toronto, Carleton University, McGill University, McMaster University, Queen’s University, Wilfred Laurier University, and more!

Sandra Attard, High Park Centennial Montesorri

“Spencer is attending High Park Centennial Montesorri School. Spencer is showing a very keen interest and a focused, positive attitude this year. I am so impressed with him. He has told me himself that his homework is his top priority. Wow... now that's something every parent hopes to hear! Spencer and I have spoken a lot about Prepskills since his course ended, and we both agree that the skills he learned will be of value to him for years and years to come. Although he did not apply to any other private schools, we are still grateful for the course that you provided for our son. He definitely benefited from it. Thank you again."


Submitted by: Sandra Attard, Mother, Toronto
Current School: High Park Centennial Montesorri School (HPCMS)

Donna Essue, Mother, St. Andrew's College

“Edward is at St. Andrew's and is doing very good he just got his Scholars tie and the Academic Merit Award. Thanks again to you for preparing him for the S.S.A.T."


Submitted by: Donna Essue, Mother, Unionville
Current School: St. Andrew's College (SAC)

Ramesh Santhanam, University of Toronto Schools

“My daughter had done the prep skills course which ended in Oct 2008. She completed her SSAT exams on the Nov 15, 2008. She did well in her exams and we would like to thank your program and the staff. Her scores read: V (710), Q (677), R (680) for a total of 2067 (98% overall).


Submitted by: Ramesh Santhanam, Father, Mississauga
Current School: University of Toronto Schools (UTS)

Karilyn Xu, Branksome Hall

“I recently got my report card, I found that I did a lot better than I could have hoped. I feel this is not only my own doing also that of PREPSKILLS. Although PREPSKILLS was initially intend to boost my SSAT mark (which it did), it also helped me in school by improving my confidence and vocabulary."


Submitted by: Karilyn Xu, Student, Toronto
Accepted to: Branksome Hall

Mithunan Ravindran, UTS with full scholarship

“PREPSKILLS® was a big help in preparing me for the SSAT and the UTS exam. I felt more confident after the PREPSKILLS® class and the program really focused on the integral part of the SSAT. Now that I am in UTS, I feel proud and grateful toward PREPSKILLS®."


Submitted by: Mithunan Ravindran, Student, Markham
Accepted to: University of Toronto Schools with full scholarship

Susan Yu, University of Toronto Schools

“Miranda got the score '2007'. We got it only via post. Thank you for helping her to archive this goal."


Submitted by: Susan Yu, Mother, Richmond Hill
Accepted to: University of Toronto Schools (UTS)

Devi Thangavelu, University of Toronto Schools

“Arasan's overall score was 2022. I will forward the copy of the score report on Monday. Thanks for the help!"


Submitted by: Devi Thangavelu, Mother, Scarborough
Accepted to: University of Toronto Schools (UTS)

Clara M.

“I think I did pretty well on the UTS interview, the math was okay, some questions easy, others tougher, the same style as learned at Prepskills. Thanks-you so much for all your help preparing me."


Submitted by: Clara M., Student, Mississauga

Janet Qi, Toronto Montessori Schools

“My son attended PREPSKILLS® SSAT workshop and PREPWRITETM two years ago. Not only has he improved academically, he has gained confidence and familiarity in taking the SSAT exam as well as private school application/interview process. He has told me that he enjoyed the PREPSKILLS® sessions because he felt challenged by his peers and that the discussions were interesting. He felt he had learned a lot from the sessions. Now, two years later, he asked if he could take a PREPSKILLS® program again in the summer while normally he would hate tutorials of any sort. He sure knows what is good for him!"


Submitted by: Janet Qi, Mother, Richmond Hill
Current School: St. Roberts CHS

Dr. Shiv, Father, Appleby College

“I am glad to inform you, that my son, Abhey Sur has been accepted to Appleby College. Thank you for all your help."


Submitted by: Dr. Shiv, Father, Mississauga
Current School: Appleby College

Rosie Cardarelli, Principal, HPCMS

“Prepskills provided our graduating students with the confidence and the tools to successfully complete the SSAT’s. Each of our students and their families received helpful information regarding the various aspects of applying to other private schools. The staff at Prepskills was always available to answer any questions that arouse during the testing and application time. We were very impressed with Prepskills, they are very professional, nurturing and really care about each individual child."


Submitted by: Rosie Cardarelli, Principal
High Park Centennial Montessori

Susan and John Kivlichan, Parents, Toronto

"David's results were: Verbal 707, Math 800, and Reading 728 for a total of 2235 or 94th percentile. Thanks for all your help in helping David maximize his results. The boost to our son's self-confidence (from the 800 in Math) was worth the course fee alone!"


Submitted by: Susan and John Kivlichan, Parents, Toronto
Current School: De La Salle College

Yan Ting, University of Toronto Schools

"Our daughter took the PREPSKILLS® Extended Program that begins in May. We were very pleased with the program and the teacher. When our daughter was accepted to UTS we knew we had definitely made the right decision to prepare her. Now she has qualified for a scholarship opportunity at UTS for achieving such high marks on her entrance tests. Thank you PREPSKILLS!"


Submitted by: Yan Ting, Mother, Markham
Current School: University of Toronto Schools (UTS)

Susan Franklin, Mother, Bayview Glen

"PREPSKILLS® did a tremendous work with our son who was accepted at all three of his top choice schools. PREPSKILLS® is very knowledgeable about the SSAT Examination and the admission process. The teachers were great, and we especially enjoyed the Interview Workshop where our son learned a great deal and was well prepared when the interview dates came. We have recommended our cousins and look forward to taking SAT Exam Preparation when the time comes – in 2012!"


Submitted by: Susan Franklin, Mother, Thornhill
Current School: Bayview Glen

Nina Fisher, University of Toronto Schools

"We were accepted at UTS! Time to celebrate!"


Submitted by: Nina Fisher, Mother, Vaughan
Current School: University of Toronto Schools (UTS)

James Csinos, University of Toronto Schools

"Accepted at UTS ~ all the hard work really paid off! The Extended Program was the best choice for our son."


Submitted by: James Csinos, Father, Streetville
Current School: University of Toronto Schools (UTS)

Diana Rose, St. Andrew's College

"Our son received early acceptance from St. Andrew’s College and St. Thomas of Villa Nova, thank you PREPSKILLS® Your cooperation in working around our busy schedule was very much appreciated. We couldn’t have done it without you!"


Submitted by: Diana Rose, Mother, Keswick
Current School: St. Andrew's College (SAC)

Amanda Sullivan, De La Salle College

"We just got the wonderful news – right before our holidays – our daughter was accepted to De La Salle! We celebrated on the beach!"


Submitted by: Amanda Sullivan, Mother, Toronto
Current School: De La Salle College 'Oaklands'

Sam Bryant, Father, Oakville

"Although our children didn’t apply to private school, the PREPSKILLS® program was a terrific benchmark for how they are doing in school. Their essay writing and reading comprehension have improved greatly – even the teachers have noticed at school! We will refer PREPSKILLS® to our friends."


Submitted by: Sam Bryant, Father, Oakville

Al Fisher, St. Michael's College

"Thank you, PREPSKILLS® for preparing our son in the summer for his SSATs and for referring us to St. Michael’s College School – our son is really looking forward to going in September."


Submitted by: Al Fisher, Father, Toronto
Current School: St. Michael's College School