Testimonial Highlights


Congratulations to all our PREPSKILLS alumni who have transitioned to private schools including... top scholars at UTS, Havergal, St. Clement's School, Upper Canada College, Crescent, Bishop Strachan, Branksome, St. Michael's College, De La Salle College, Royal St. George’s College, Holy Trinity, CHAT, PACE, Ashbury College, Elmwood College, Mentor College, Pickering College, Phillips Exeter Academy, Toronto French School, Country Day School, St. Andrew's College, Appleby College, St. George's College, Lower Canada College, Andover, Lawrenceville, and more. Our US college students have been successfully admitted to US Colleges such as Harvard, Brown, Princeton, Yale, NYU, U Penn, Cornell, Clarkson, MIT, Boston College, Boston University, Dartmouth, Amherst College, Duke, Princeton, Columbia, Georgetown, MIT, John Hopkins, Stanford, UCLA, Wellesley College, Wesleyan University, UC Berkeley, Michigan, Chapman, Colgate, St. George's Medicine and more! A number of our alumni have also been admitted to UK universities including Cambridge, University College of London, and University of Edinburgh. Finally, our Canadian university bound students have been admitted to University of Ottawa, University of Western Ontario, York University, University of Toronto, Carleton University, McGill University, McMaster University, Queen’s University, Wilfred Laurier University, and more!

Lucas Marques, Student, Toronto

"PREPSKILLS SAT preparation course is very in depth. There is a lot of practice material, so I found that to be very helpful for my preparation."


Submitted by: Lucas Marques, Student, Toronto

Brian Wilson, Student, Pickering

"The SAT preparation program at PREPSKILLS is very useful, and will definitely improve your results significantly."


Submitted by: Brian Wilson, Student, Pickering

Alison Zhou, Student, Pickering

"My SAT instructor was phenomenal and has helped bolster my confidence in taking the SAT. The class size was also a good number. The entire experience was well worth it!"


Submitted by: Alison Zhou, Student, Pickering

Ian Lo, Student, Toronto

"I took the SAT preparation program and found it to be helpful in all sections. The advice provided by my instructor was specific and unique to each student in my class."


Submitted by: Ian Lo, Student, Toronto

Maaran Murugathas, Student, Markham

"I really wanted to thank you for all your help with the SSAT preparations as it has made all the difference. My SSAT score in math was 797, in verbal it was 722 and reading was 686. I also found your essay coaching to be very useful. All the schools I have applied to have called and asked me to come for an interview, including Upper Canada College, University of Toronto Schools, De La Salle and Crescent. Furthermore, I found that the PREPSKILLS SSAT preparation also helped me do well in public school entrance exams.


Submitted by: Maaran Murugathas, Student, Markham

Seyon Rajadurai, Upper Canada College (UCC)

“Initially I wanted to apply only to UTS. After taking the time to speak to me and my mom, you encouraged me to consider UCC and Crescent too. I was accepted at UTS, Crescent and UCC. I went through the Prepskills program a couple years ago and now I am in Grade 9 at Upper Canada College. My achievements at UCC have been unique and the last few years at the College will be years that I will never forget. I am taking Advanced French and Extended Math courses at the school this year and I doing quite well academically at the college. I am an avid participant in the various extra-curricular activities that UCC has to offer, including the U-16A basketball team and the U-16A Soccer team. I only got these opportunities thanks to you, as I would not even have applied to this school if it weren't for your advice. "


Submitted by: Seyon Rajadurai, Student, Markham
Attending: Upper Canada College (UCC)

Katarina Hornakova, Upper Canada College (UCC)

"Prepskills was invaluable in preparing our son Sam for the admissions process at UCC. His instructor was excellent. She showed him what material to expect on the grade 6 admissions exam, gave him strategies to use for writing the exam, and provided several practice tests so that he felt familiar with the testing procedure on test day. Prepskills also helped him prepare for the interview process with practice mock interviews and helpful tips on how to prepare at home for this critical step, his first ever interview. The results speak for themselves, he was accepted for admission into grade 6 at UCC. Our previous experience with Prepskills was equally successful. Our older son, Max, received excellent advice and training for his interview process for grade 7 admissions to UCC the year before. We would like to thank Joanna and her dedicated knowledgeable instructors for helping our sons successfully navigate the admissions process."


Submitted by: Katarina Hornakova, Parent, Toronto
Accepted to: Upper Canada College (UCC)

Jaden Lo, University of Toronto Schools

"Without the Prepskills course and especially the Stage 2 workshop, I would not have gotten into UTS"


Submitted by: Jaden Lo, Student, Mississauga
Accepted to: University of Toronto Schools

Perry Lo, University of Toronto Schools

"Now that I’ve been through the process as a parent, I can see how Prepskills has prepared my son for his journey into acceptance at UTS. It’s the best kept secret in the whole process!"


Submitted by: Perry Lo, Parent, Mississauga
Accepted to: University of Toronto Schools

J. Zhu, Mother, Cornell, Northwestern & UC Berkeley

"I’m happy to let you know that our son is accepted by the following three US universities: Cornell, Northwestern University, UC Berkeley. After he completed his Prepskills SAT program, Prepskills facilitated the application consulting process and the consultant is amazing. She worked magic on our son. During the whole process, she has shown professionalism and caring by not just helping him with his essay writing, more importantly she inspired him and instilled confidence in him. For that, we are grateful forever. We sincerely thank Prepskills. It made such a difference."


Submitted by: J. Zhu, Mother, Markham
Accepted to: Cornell, Northwestern University & UC Berkeley

Gina (Liqiong Xin), Mother, University of Pennsylvania

"In 2013, my son Leo came to Canada and was in grade 8. Leo attended the Prepskills SSAT program and was admitted to grade 10 at St. Andrews' College in 2014. Upon graduation from SAC, he took PREPKILLS SAT PREP program and was admitted to the UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA where he is currently studying.

I am writing to thank you and your team at PREPSKILLS for all of your efforts in getting my son Leo prepared for admission to private school, and later for admission to a U.S. University"


Submitted by: Gina (Liqiong Xin), Mother
Accepted to: University of Pennsylvania