PrepEssentials & PrepWrite Seminar - Enhancing Emotional Intelligence (Toronto)

PREPEssentials Advanced Skills Enrichment Seminar

Whether it's in the boardroom or the classroom, individuals need the skills to communicate, work in teams, and let go of the personal and family issues that get in the way of working and learning. Such skills add up to what is known as emotional intelligence, and they are even more important as educators realize that these skills are critical to academic achievement.

Emotionally intelligent students stand out. Their ability to empathize, persevere, control impulses, communicate clearly, make thoughtful decisions, solve problems, and work with others earns them friends and success. They tend to lead happier lives, with more satisfying relationships. At work, they are more productive, and they spur productivity in others. At school, they do better on standardized tests and help create a safe, comfortable classroom atmosphere that makes it easier to learn. This is especially true for those students who will benefit from learning to integrate into a multicultural classroom with confidence and ease.

Could your child benefit from a course like this which is not taught in schools? What would it mean to your family if your child was better able to handle emotional stress and excel in their academic life?

Register for this presentation here: help prepare your child for their upcoming transition to private school, or upper level grades.

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SAT SeminarPREPEssentials™ is an advanced skills development program that extends beyond the test-taking limitations of the SSAT.

  • Builds creative and non-linear thinking techniques
  • Provides opportunities for students to employ those techniques in writing, public-speaking and group leadership activities

The PREPEssentials™ program includes four components:

  • PREPThink™ - Preparing your child to become an independent thinker
  • PREPWrite™ - Encouraging your child's expression
  • PREPSpeak™ - Teaching your child to speak their mind
  • PREPLeader™ - Taking your child further

To find out more, join our seminar to learn how these life skills will enhance your child's success!

PREPEssentials Advanced Skills Enrichment Seminar


Event Date and Time Location Map
PrepEssentials & PrepWrite Seminar - Enhancing Emotional Intelligence (Toronto) Saturday, April 14, 2012 - 10:00am - 12:00pm Bridle Path - York University - Glendon Campus
2275 Bayview Ave, Room YH 170
Toronto, Ontario
(Bayview & Lawrence)