Frequently Asked Questions - About Us

The PREPSKILLS® mission is to provide advanced preparation for students to be able to have endless opportunities. At PREPSKILLS®, we provide the highest quality of preparatory learning experiences that serve to help maximize individual potential, impart skills for leadership and inspire lessons in life long learning.
THE BEST WAY TO PREPARE YOUR CHILD IS TO START WITH PREPSKILLS®. PREPSKILLS® prepares students for the admission tests, focusing on test-taking strategies, essay writing, and skill building exercises in math and language. We offer a unique and challenging program in which we strive to develop not only test-taking skills but also to build each student’s self esteem and confidence, thus enabling the student to reach his or her full potential. The program is designed to help students entering private/independent schools or American universities.
We are SSAT and SAT specialists, not generalists in academic tutoring. PREPSKILLS® goes beyond getting the high-test mark. We aid not only the students but also their families with the entire admissions process. We give students the tools and resources to build their confidence in their own academic skills. We teach test-taking skills, instead of simply content. Knowing geometry or vocabulary words isn’t good enough for most admission tests; you have to know how to apply the knowledge. Our Certified Teachers for SSAT programs and Expert Instructors for SAT will help students make the critical connection between the material learned in school and how to apply it on the test.
Program length varies. Please contact the PREPSKILLS® office for details.
Students receive the full compliment of test preparation material. Materials include a course book, exercise books, practice tests, flashcards containing the most frequently used words on admission tests, and the COMPUTEST™ diagnostic. Students have access to on-line math and language resources. In addition, parents will receive progress reports after the diagnostic test and the PREPSKILLS®-simulation test. Upon completion of the course, PREPSKILLS® offers a simulated test; administered under "real test" conditions. The students find this experience to be the highlight of the course as strategies learned are reinforced and test-taking fears dispelled. Unique to PREPSKILLS® is a résumé and interview skills seminar for our SSAT students or University Admission information seminar for SAT students. Being a Canadian company we understand the Canadian requirements. Our SSAT/SAT prep proprietary materials are specially developed using the Canadian curriculum.
Homework is designed to reinforce the content while improving the students' application of strategies. Repeated practice is the key to success in order to reap the benefits of the course. PREPSKILLS® is primarily a training program, not a course of study. It is strongly advised that students complete all homework assignments prior to the next lesson. The commitment of both parent and student is essential. Remember, you only get out what you put in.
The pupil-teacher ratio is a maximum of 6 students per class for our SSAT program and up to 12 students for our SAT program. This allows our teachers to provide individualized attention and tailor the curriculum to the student’s needs. Private in-home or online instruction is also available. Upon request, one of our Education Facilitators will be happy to provide more details.
Our teachers are hand-picked enthusiastic, caring, and passionate educators! Most are Ontario certified teachers with Masters or PhD qualifications. Our instructors are dedicated and understand the needs of the students they teach. The objective of the PREPSKILLS educator is to motivate each student to reach their full potential through advanced preparation and ensure that students have endless opportunities! All teachers/instructors must attend PREPSKILLS® seminars, training and workshops. They are well versed in the PREPSKILLS® philosophy, curriculum, methodology and strategies.
The COMPUTEST™ is exclusive to and developed by PREPSKILLS®. Upon registration, a login ID is provided and the test is completed online. The purpose of the diagnostic is to help identify student strengths and weaknesses in standardized testing. Parents and students are provided with a detailed report. Teachers use the diagnostic to devise goals and a plan of action that will maximize the student’s scoring potential.
Please call 416-200-7728, or toll free 1-866-973-PREP(7737), or refer to our SCHEDULE on the website for times, dates and locations.
PREPSKILLS® not only provides test preparation skills, but is also dedicated to ensuring that both parents and students feel comfortable with the admissions process. We are renowned for our personal service and are happy to assist you through this journey. Parent Information seminars are offered at no additional charge.
Parents can register their child using our online Registration. One of our Program Directors will be in contact with you immediately upon receiving the registration form.
PREPSKILLS® welcomes the opportunity of working cooperatively with parents. Communication is vital! We encourage parents to monitor their child’s homework and progress. Feel free to communicate with your child’s teacher about any concerns. Together with you, PREPSKILLS® is committed to helping your child reach his or her goal!