PREPSKILLS® specializes in preparing students for admissions tests to private/independent schools and American universities. As Canada's premier SSAT and SAT preparation provider, we employ a number of different tools to make certain that each and every student is assured in their abilities in order to achieve optimum results.

PREPESSENTIALS™ is our unique, exclusive and comprehensive essential skills enrichment program designed to instill confidence, inspire creativity and develop the best and brightest among emergent young leaders. Shining beyond the boundaries of learning™ is the motif of PREPSKILLS® programming, and it is maximized through our PREPTHINK™, PREPWRITE™, PREPSPEAK™ and PREPLEADER™ courses.

So no matter what your specific goals, PREPSKILLS® works with parents and students alike to devise a course of action best suited to a child's individual circumstances. It is this unique tailored approach that has seen thousands of students achieve their immediate goals and go on to thrive in their academic careers.


Changes in SAT Testing

The SAT is a paper-based, standardized test that’s been around, in one incarnation or another, since 1926 for the purpose of admissions into college or university undergraduate programs in the United States. While it is supposed to measure scholastic aptitude, critics have long accused the SAT of only measuring how well a student takes the SAT!


PrepConnect 2014

Have you been considering a Toronto private school education for your child – maybe even one of the most prestigious private schools like Havergal College, Bayview Glen, UTS or Bishop Strachan – but aren’t sure where to get straight answers? For example, will an admissions officer or student recruiter really be honest about the difference between their school and other private schools in the city – or between their school and a public school education, for that matter? What are these competitive schools really looking for? And does private school really give kids an edge when it comes to applying for University?


Private School Admission: Preparation is Key

If you have decided on private school for your child, you’ve probably already set aside thousands for tuition, researched your options (do you want a co-ed school? boarding school? specific extracurricular offerings?) and attended open houses on your short list of prospective institutions. If you’re ready to apply – often a year in advance of your desired start date – you may already be realizing that the private school application process can be a stressful one, even with all the prep work you’ve already done. You may need to collect supplementary data from your child’s current school and reference letters from his or her teachers. And then, it’s time for the testing.



Sara Thorfinnson, Northeastern University

"When I realized that I wanted to go to Northeastern University in Boston starting next fall, I also realized that I would probably have to write the SATs. The Prepskills SAT preparation course greatly prepared me for writing the SATs. The one on one teacher-student environment allowed for the individual attention needed to improve my weaknesses.


Submitted by: Sara Thorfinnson, Student, Oakville
Accepted to: Northeastern University

Bilaal Rajan, St. Andrew's College

"Hi, my name is Bilaal Rajan - founder of Hands For Help. My website is I am presently UNICEF Canada child ambassador and the recipient of the top 20 under 20 awards in Canada for 2008.


Submitted by: Bilaal Rajan, Student, Toronto
Current School: St. Andrew's College

Jenny, University of Toronto Schools

"I thought that PREPESSENTIALS™ was a great course, and gave you a chance to try out new ways of doing things that you never might have thought of before. It was very interactive ( for the most part, but the less interactive aspects of the course were informative and satisfying in their own way), and the hands-on experiences, scenarios, and situations really gave me a new perspective on different kinds of leadership and how to use them effectively. PREPESSENTIALS™ was a great course."


Submitted by: Jenny Yan, Student, Vaughan
Accepted school: University of Toronto Schools