PREPSKILLS® specializes in preparing students for admissions tests to private/independent schools and American universities. As Canada's premier SSAT and SAT preparation provider, we employ a number of different tools to make certain that each and every student is assured in their abilities in order to achieve optimum results.

PREPESSENTIALS™ is our unique, exclusive and comprehensive essential skills enrichment program designed to instill confidence, inspire creativity and develop the best and brightest among emergent young leaders. Shining beyond the boundaries of learning™ is the motif of PREPSKILLS® programming, and it is maximized through our PREPTHINK™, PREPWRITE™, PREPSPEAK™ and PREPLEADER™ courses.

So no matter what your specific goals, PREPSKILLS® works with parents and students alike to devise a course of action best suited to a child's individual circumstances. It is this unique tailored approach that has seen thousands of students achieve their immediate goals and go on to thrive in their academic careers.


Back to School Success Starts With PrepConnect!

Another school year has just begun, after a summer that might have been too long or too short depending on your perspective – and with the new school year comes another year of wondering if you have made the best choices for your child. Issues such as the quality of their school curriculum, facilities, class size, bullying, test scores, streaming, and other concerns may be on your mind; even if your child is content with their current school, as another year begins, you may be wondering if there is a better alternative.


Announcing: PrepConnect 2014 Official Program

At PrepSkills, our primary purpose is to help your child succeed. For some students, that means preparing them for the SATs and helping them navigate the US College admissions process. Other young people take advantage of our essential skills enrichment program, PrepEssentials, to gain confidence, creativity and leadership skills. But if you are the parent of a school-aged child in the Greater Toronto Area, and you are just thinking about finding the best possible private education for your child, you might not even know where to start. That’s where we come in. We have designed the PrepConnect event just for you.


US College Expo

If you were born and raised in Canada or abroad, you may not understand the US post-secondary education system – or why your teen is so interested in going to college in the States! Of course you have heard of Ivy League schools like Harvard, Princeton and Yale. But what about specialized colleges like the New York Film Academy, whose alumni include Pierce Brosnan, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins? Or Penn State, whose medical students intern in one of the world’s best children’s hospitals?



Blake Barbieri, Kleinburg

"Hi my name is Blake, I really liked PrepSkills because it did exactly that it prepared me for the SAT’s. Being a Canadian student I was unaware of how the American questions would be asked. But through constant practice prepskills had me saying “oh another one of those questions”, I believe this really helped me on my SAT test."


Submitted by: Blake Barbieri, Student, Kleinburg

Arasan Thangavelu, University of Toronto Schools

"Prepskills was a great experience. It did not feel like tutoring but at the same time my classmates and I learned a lot of things. Our awesome teacher taught us the concepts thoroughly and very well. They also provided a lot of helpful links. Their simulation tests felt exactly like the real one and after we finished it we set goals to improve ourselves. Their second stage seminar helped me prepare for the interview. Overall, the Prepskills course was fun and productive helping me getting into UTS!"


Submitted by:Arasan Thangavelu, Student, Scarborough
Accepted to: University of Toronto Schools (UTS)

Nicholas Torkos, Pace University

"I took the Prepskills SAT preparation course in an attempt to help get myself ready for a May 2009 SAT. I entered the class knowing the general layout and basics of the test, but lacked actual practice. The course was very thorough, as we dissected the SAT bit by bit. I learned countless techniques and tricks which I used to my advantage on the real SAT, and managed to score a full 200 points higher than my initial score. The teacher was a great pleasure to be around, and was able to assist me with any questions or concerns I had. The materials and booklet provided by the course is a goldmine in SAT knowledge and secrets.


Submitted by: Nicholas Torkos, Student, Richmond Hill
Accepted to: Pace University