PREPSKILLS® specializes in preparing students for admissions tests to private/independent schools and American universities. As Canada's premier SSAT and SAT preparation provider, we employ a number of different tools to make certain that each and every student is assured in their abilities in order to achieve optimum results.

PREPESSENTIALS™ is our unique, exclusive and comprehensive essential skills enrichment program designed to instill confidence, inspire creativity and develop the best and brightest among emergent young leaders. Shining beyond the boundaries of learning™ is the motif of PREPSKILLS® programming, and it is maximized through our PREPTHINK™, PREPWRITE™, PREPSPEAK™ and PREPLEADER™ courses.

So no matter what your specific goals, PREPSKILLS® works with parents and students alike to devise a course of action best suited to a child's individual circumstances. It is this unique tailored approach that has seen thousands of students achieve their immediate goals and go on to thrive in their academic careers.


Choosing the Right School

You have kissed countless knees, taken countless temperatures and washed a million cloths; you’ve tried to guide your little one toward good habits, good manners and a good diet; you’ve agonized over milestones and daycare and sleep. But when it came to elementary school, if you lived in Toronto, you hadn’t necessarily much choice: admission is determined by postal code and little else. Then you realized that if you really wanted the best possible start for your child, it might be time to look into private schools and see what they could offer.


Changes in SAT Testing

The SAT is a paper-based, standardized test that’s been around, in one incarnation or another, since 1926 for the purpose of admissions into college or university undergraduate programs in the United States. While it is supposed to measure scholastic aptitude, critics have long accused the SAT of only measuring how well a student takes the SAT!


PrepConnect 2014

Have you been considering a Toronto private school education for your child – maybe even one of the most prestigious private schools like Havergal College, Bayview Glen, UTS or Bishop Strachan – but aren’t sure where to get straight answers? For example, will an admissions officer or student recruiter really be honest about the difference between their school and other private schools in the city – or between their school and a public school education, for that matter? What are these competitive schools really looking for? And does private school really give kids an edge when it comes to applying for University?



Jordan Bangia, Mentor College

"I thought the PREPSKILLS program was a great way to prepare for the SAT. I feel that all the practice tests and essays were extremely helpful, and that all the information in the book helped me to improve in my areas of weakness."


Submitted by: Jordan Bangia, Student, Toronto

Norman S. Smith, Ed.D., Educational Consultant

"PREPSKILLS® offers a solid program in a very flexible manner. If you're a busy student and need to take the SAT, check out PREPSKILLS®. You will be glad you did."


Submitted by: Norman S. Smith, Ed.D.
Educational Consultant, Specializing in University Admissions

Henry Brunton, BPE, PGA Master Professional

"Henry Brunton Golf is a proud partner of PREPSKILLS. It is a first class organization in all regards. PREPSKILLS provides high school students and their families with outstanding services and guidance in preparation for post-secondary opportunities."


Henry Brunton, BPE, CPGA Master Professional
RCGA National Men's Coach, GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher