Josipa P., PhD, MSc(Res), MSc, BJ

University of London
University of Edinburgh
London School of Economics and Political Science
Carleton University

Josipa is a post-doctoral fellow at the University College London in Great Britain. She has studied at British and Canadian universities and has completed degrees in political science, journalism, political theory, sociology of scientific knowledge, and the history and philosophy of mathematics. Josipa has taught political theory, philosophy of science, history of science and philosophy of language at the University of Edinburgh and University College London.

Josipa's doctoral research relates to the history of calculus in 19th-century Britain in which she explores the social nature of mathematical theories in vector analysis in mid-Victorian Britain. Josipa also researches the gendered nature of politics, both internationally and federally. She has carried out research exploring the gendered nature of the United Nations Mission in Kosovo, and she is currently involved in researching the gendered nature of Canadian political parties from 1865 to 2010. She will be a visiting scholar at the University of Cambridge and University of Pennsylvania in the 2010-2011 academic year.

Josipa has been with PREPSKILLS® since 2007. She teaches the annual PREPSKILLS® U.S. Admissions Workshop seminar for students aiming to learn more about American admissions procedures. She is also a curriculum writer and has co-authored the PREPEssentials™ program for young learners.