PREPSKILLS, PlayItPost Announce Partnership

Strategic Agreement to Empower PREPSKILLS Students with Leading Online Athletic Recruiting Resources

Chicago, IL, May 18, 2011- PREPSKILLS® (, Canada's premier SSAT and SAT preparation provider, and PlayItPost ( the first sports enabled Facebook application that empowers athletes of all ages to share their sports statistics, sports status, sports pictures, and workouts on Facebook., announced a joint partnership today.

PlayItPost will provide PREPSKILLS® members educational materials and online features to help successfully navigate the college recruiting process like no other sports Facebook application can.

PREPSKILLS® and PlayItPost share the same mission-to inspire student-athletes to reach their full academic potential and to assist parents in navigating through the admissions process. PlayItPost will help PREPSKILLS® to extend their mission to provide industry leading collegiate preparation to those student-athletes associated with PlayItPost.

PREPSKILLS® is a Canada-wide leader in the provision of admission preparation services for students from grades K to 12 who are seeking entrance to private and independent schools and American universities. PlayItPost provides online educational and communications tools that equip athletes and parents with the crucial knowledge they require to understand academic and amateur athletic eligibility rules, athletic tracking, athlete management, and communication with college coaches.

As part of this new partnership, PlayItPost will provide PREPSKILLS® students with a Facebook application, including the following tools:

  • An online athletic résumé on Facebook to market the athlete's skills
  • PlayItPost's NCAA Core Course Grade Tracking Worksheet
  • PlayItPost's College Search Engine, which enables athletes and parents to search and save information related to more than 2,500 colleges and 50,000 college coaches

"Even the most outstanding Canadian student-athletes need a knowledgeable guide to walk them through the recruitment and admissions process," says PREPSKILLS® Founder and President Joanna Severino. "PREPSKILLS® is proud to work with PlayItPost to help prospective applicants match their academic and athletic credentials with the best possible college 'fit'.


About PlayItPost

Headquartered in Chicago, IL, PlayItPost is about empowering athletes to share their sports statistics, sports status, sports pictures, and workouts on Facebook.


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