Jenny, University of Toronto Schools

"Frankly, when I was first introduced to PREPSKILLS®, I thought it was just another preparation program that parents send their kids to in a frenzy, afraid that their own preparation plan wasn’t strong enough. After experiencing the benefits of PREPSKILLS®, I realized that I was partly right- the PREPSKILLS® staff taught me things that my parents would never have even thought of teaching me, but it was better than what even commercials described other programs as.

eir carefully planned classes provide, with diligence and willpower, a clear path to success at what you aspire to do. Two years ago, I came here to prepare for my entrance exam into UTS, which I now attend. Today, I am back under PREPSKILLS®’ wing, waiting to be nourished with all that the staff here has to offer."

Submitted by: Jenny Yan, Student, Vaughan
Accepted to: University of Toronto Schools (UTS)
Former school: Blue Willow PS