PREPESSENTIALS - Essential Academic & Leadership Skills Enrichment


At PREPSKILLS®, our mission is to provide your children with the élite learning experiences they require to gain access to the best schools in the country.

Many of our PREPSKILLS® parents are familiar with the SSAT process, including the exam preparation cycle, the examination itself, and the interview-all of which form part of a highly competitive selection procedure to gain entry to Canada's top independent schools.

As many parents are also aware, the SSAT is a standardized exam, oriented towards high-pressure performance on formulaic material in reading, writing and mathematics. Thus, it constitutes a mere fraction of the skills your child requires to perform confidently and successfully in the multi-dimensional independent school curriculum.

To provide children with the skills they require to succeed beyond the SSAT, PREPSKILLS® has developed its innovative PREPEssentials™ program for both middle- and upper-level students.

As the only program of its kind in Canada, PREPEssentials™ is geared toward children who are planning to engage in challenging private school studies as well as those children who are already enrolled in private schools. Designed to help your child's budding intelligence blossom, PREPEssentials™ engages young learners in a holistic program of comprehensive learning, including PREPThink™, PREPWrite™, PREPSpeak™ and PREPLeader™. PREPEssentials™ combines innovative thinking techniques with creative writing, confident public-speaking and motivational public-leadership.

Note that PREPEssentials™ classes are not offered on a year-round basis. Rather, they generally run from early-November to mid-April, mapping on to the private school admissions process. Call the PREPSKILLS® office to register your daughter or son to ensure a spot in one of our classes.

Fee: $2,595 + HST

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