How is PREPSKILLS different from other test prep companies?

  • The PREPSKILLS® program is more personalized.
  • PREPSKILLS® is committed to the entire admission process so we ensure you have the right tools and support to help you complete admission applications, find scholarship opportunities and find information about the college/universities.
  • PREPSKILLS® instructors are enthusiastic, patient and effective communicators.
  • SAT course book contains varying levels of homework and in-class practice problems so that assignments can be tailored to the ability level and needs of each individual student.
  • Each student receives individual computerized test analyses for all practice tests taken as part of the course.
  • Instructors complete progress reports that detail students’ attendance, homework completion, practice test scores and progress in each subject area of the test.
  • The PREPSKILLS® Client Services Team makes follow-up calls to parents early on in the program to see if parents have questions about the course.
  • PREPSKILLS' focus on translating preparation into opportunity™ leads to success.