Nicholas Torkos, Pace University

Graduated Bayview Secondary School in June 2010
Currently Attending Pace University in New York City
Majoring in Information/Technology Systems in the
Seidenberg School of Computer Science
Awarded President’s Scholarship of $17,000 a year

As a Grade 10 student, Nicholas took his PSAT in October of 2008 and then again in 2009. His SAT exam in May 2009 gave him the adequate scores to apply to many accredited universities. Nicholas is a US citizen and was eligible for US
scholarships and financial aid awards. He sent applications to a total of 13 US universities in the north east with IT programs including Syracuse University, New York University, Boston University and many more. He was accepted to 7 universities with offers of various scholarships and awards.

In conjunction with his very challenging course schedule at Bayview SS, Nicholas enrolled in the Prep-Skills course in January 2009 to prepare him for the May SAT exam. The instructor was able to focus on Nicholas’ needs after he completed the diagnostic exam. Upon completion of the Prep-Skills course, Nicholas had the tools and strategies to successfully complete the SAT exam and bring his score to his intended goal.

Nicholas is very happy with his choice of university and has found the opportunities for his intended career to be readily available.

Submitted by: Nicholas Torkos, Student, Richmond Hill
Accepted to: Pace University
Former school: Bayview SS