Cotroneo Family, De La Salle College

"Our experience with Prepskills was nothing short of fantastic. Prepskills put together a comprehensive training and study package for our daughter Olivia that gave her the confidence and skills to complete her test. When we first received the SSAT practice test we thought we could go it alone and never considered hiring a tutor, but Olivia was overwhelmed by the test. Prepskills came in and sent us a wonderful tutor named Samantha. Samantha made Olivia feel comfortable and was able to help Olivia in her trouble areas, we experienced a 30% improvement from the practice test.

Prepskills impressed me when we first contacted them with their plan and knowledge. After I spoke to other firms that offer the same services I didn't have the same first impression as with Prepskills, and so made the decision to go with Prepskills.

Thanks Prepskills."

Submitted by: Cotroneo Family,Toronto
Current School: De La Salle College 'Oaklands'
Former school: St. Sabelle's