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SAT SeminarThe PrepEssentials™ program is designed for students who are thriving in their school environment and wanting to gain that extra edge. Workshop style sessions will not levy additional workload to the student's busy schedule. Join us to learn about learning and become passionate for knowledge and success!

The four core programs:

  1. PrepThink™ - focuses on critical thinking and problem solving skills. In the day to day, we face many problems and situations. Those with a clear insight and a calm coolness often find the best solutions.

  2. PrepWrite™ - focuses on essay writing, logic organization, and constructive arguments. Use the fewest word to say the most, the tightest sentences to convey the biggest ideas.

  3. PrepSpeak™ - focuses on oratorical skills and interpersonal communication. Learn from the great speakers and make it your own.

  4. PrepLeader™ - focuses on group dynamics and social interactions. We do not want to shoehorn you into a leader, but help you to experiment with different styles of leadership and find what best suits you. Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone?



Shining beyond the boundaries of learning™

To find out more, join our live webinar to learn how these life skills will enhance your child's success!

PREPEssentials Advanced Skills Enrichment Webinar