Middle Level SSAT COMPUTEST Diagnostic with reporting (Grades 5 - 7)

Middle Level SSAT COMPUTEST Diagnostic with reporting (Grades 5 - 7)
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The PREPSKILLS® full-length, Middle-level Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) has been designed to test those students currently in grades five to seven.

PREPSKILLS® has developed its online Middle-Level SSAT CompuTest as a means of analyzing student skill levels in verbal reasoning, reading comprehension and quantitative/mathematical analysis (including arithmetic, geometry and basic algebra). The PREPSKILLS® CompuTest includes a writing section that assesses students on their ability to produce a written composition within a set period of time. The test takes just over 2 hours to complete.

The PREPSKILLS® Middle-level SSAT CompuTest mimics the actual SSAT experience. Each CompuTest must be completed within an allotted period of time. Students are timed on a per-section basis.

Each student receives a detailed score breakdown. Thus, the Middle-level SSAT CompuTest allows parents to identify strengths and weaknesses in their child’s SSAT performance.

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