SSAT Bundle - Full Length Middle Level SSAT practice tests, SSAT Math & Verbal Books

PREPSKILLS SSAT Verbal Practice Tests
PREPSKILLS SSAT Math Practice TestsFull Length Middle Level SSAT practice tests
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The Middle-level SSAT is aimed at those students currently in grades five to seven.

This SSAT Bundle includes:

  1. Full-length, Middle-level SSAT examination booklet - delivered using a paper-based format with solutions.
  2. The PREPSKILLS® SSAT Math Practice Tests book contains 500 Practice Questions with solutions.
  3. The PREPSKILLS® SSAT Verbal Practice Tests book contains 600 Practice Questions with solutions.

Master SSAT with ease!

The SSAT test examines students on their verbal reasoning, reading comprehension and quantitative/mathematical analysis (including arithmetic, geometry and basic algebra). It also includes a writing section that assesses a student’s ability to produce a written composition within a set period of time. The test takes just over 2 hours to complete.

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