NCAA Eligible Courses (Ontario)

English   Additional Core Courses
Canadian Literature EAT3M Cantonese 1 LKDAD
Canadian Literature ETC3M Cantonese 2 LKDBD
English 10 ENG2D/EAE2D Core French 1 FSF1D
English 11 ENG3U/EAE3U Core French 2 FSF2D
English 12 ENG4U/EAE4U Core French 3 FSF3U
English 9 ENG1D/EAE1D Core French 4 FSF4U
English Literature EAL4U Croatian LBCCU
English: Contemp Aboriginal Voices NBE3U Extended French 1 FEF1D
French 10 (Native Language) FRA2D Extended French 2 FEF2D
French 11 (Native Language) FRA3U Extended French 3 FEF3U
French 12 (Native Language) FRA4U Extended French 4 FEF4U
French 9 (Native Language) FRA1D Farsi LYGDU
Studies In Literature ETS4U French Immersion 1 FIF1D
The Writer's Craft EWC4U French Immersion 2 FIF2D
Mathematics French Immersion 3 FIF3U
Adv Functions & Intro Calculus MCB4U French Immersion 4 FIF4U
Advanced Functions MHF4U German 1 LWGAD
Calculus & Vectors MCV4U German 2 LWGBD
Functions & Relations MCR3U German 3 LWGCU
Functions MCF3M German 4 LWGDU
Geometry & Discrete Math MGA4U Greek 1 LBGAD
Mathematics & Data Management MDM4U Greek 1 LVGAD
Principles Of Math 10 MPM2D Greek 2 LBGBD
Principles Of Math 9 MPM1D Greek 2 LVGBU
Natural/Physical Science Greek 3 LBGCU
Biology SBI3U Greek 3 LVGCU
Biology SBI4U Grrek 4 LBGDU
Chemistry SCH3U Hebrew 1 LYHAD
Chemistry SCH4U Hebrew 11 LYHCU
Earth & Space Science SES4U Hebrew 2 LYHBD
Environmental Science SVN3M Italian 1 LWIAD
Physics SPH3U Italian 2 LWIBD
Physics SPH4U Italian 3 LWICU
Science 10 SNC2D Italian 4 LWIDU
Science 11 SNC3M Japanese 10 LKJBD
Science 12 SNC4M Japanese 11 LKJCU
Science 9 SNC1D Japanese 12 LKJDU
Social Science Japanese 9 LKJAD
Aboriginal Governance NDG4M Latin 1 LVLAD
American History CHA3U Latin 2 LVLBU
Analyzing Current Econ Issues CIA4U Latin 3 LVLCU
Canada: Hist, Identity, Culture CHI4U Lithuanian 10 LLUBD
Canadian & Int'L Law CLN4U Lithuanian 11 LLUCU
Canadian & World Politics CPW4U Lithuanian 12 LLUDU
Canadian And World Issues CGW4U Lithuanian 9 LLUAD
Canadian History 20Th Century CHC2D Mandarin 10 LKMBD
Challenge & Change In Society HSB4M Mandarin 11 LKMCU
Challenge & Change In Society HSB4U Mandarin 12 LKMDU
Civics Chv2O (.5 UNITS) Mandarin 9 LKMAD
Classical Civilization LVV4U Philosophy HZT4U
Current Aboriginal Issues NDA3M Philosophy: The Big Questions HZB3M
Environ & Resource Management CGR4M Polish 10 LRPBD
Equity And Social Justice HSE4M Polish 11 LRPCU
Families In Canada HHS4U Polish 12 LRPDU
Gender Studies HSG3M Polish 9 LRQAD
Geography Of Canada CGC1D Portuguese 10 LWPBD
Geography Patterns & Issues CGD3M Portuguese 11 LWPCU
Geomatics CGO4M Religious Education HRE4M
Ind & Families In A Div Society HHS4M Russian 10 LRZBD
International Business BBB4M Russian 11 LRZCU
Intro To Anthro, Psych & Soc HSP3M Russian 12 LRZDU
Intro To Anthro, Psych & Soc HSP3U Spanish 10 LWS2D
Issues Of Indigenous Peoples NDW4M Spanish 10 LWSBD
Physical Geography CGF3M Spanish 11 LWSCU
The Individual & The Economy CIE3M Spanish 12 LWSDU
Understanding Canadian Law CLU3M Spanish 9 LWS1D
World Cultures HSC4M Spanish 9 LWSAD
World Geog: Human Patterns CGU4U Ukrainian 10 LRUBD
World Hist: The West & The World CHY4U Ukrainian 11 LRUCU
World History 16Th Century CHW3M Ukrainian 12 LRUDU
Vietnamese 10 LPVBD1
World Religions HRT3M


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