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Here are some questions we addressed…

  1. Process and Admissions requirements for US Colleges?
  2. Statistically, what have you seen in terms of international students specifically submitting SAT test scores – are most including them?  If SAT is optional, should we still include it?  When is SAT and how do I prepare?
  3. IB vs AP and how grade converts to GPA or ranking?  Do they see Gr 9-12 transcript?
  4. How do I do more with extracurriculars to give me a better chance of getting into Ivy league and high selective schools?
  5. Are scholarship offerings listed on Common App?  Can I apply my OSAP funding to US colleges?  Do I need a visa?
  6. When applying to a school with an audition, how do we prepare?  How do scholarships play into performing arts schools?
  7. What percentage of students apply EARLY vs REGULAR?  Does this impact admissions acceptance?
  8. Is Common App used for Graduate or PhD applications?
  9. I’m a U.S. citizen in Canada.  How does this impact my application status? Tuition? My mom is a resident in Texas.
  10. Common App Essays – do they change?  What are the topics and what do admissions officers like to see?
  11. I’m a Guidance Counsellor and would like suggestions about what to include in a school profile.  Also, what should we be focusing on in the Guidance recommendation letter?
  12. How many schools should you apply to?  If Common App is available for more than 1000 colleges, shouldn’t I just submit to all as to not limit options?
  13. What do student-athletes need to know?

Watch the Common App Information Webinar Recording

Meredith Lombardi
Director, Education and Training
The Common Application

Meredith Lombardi has led education and training efforts at Common App for more than 6 years. As part of the Student Success team, Meredith engages with counselors, students, and families to ensure Common App resources are relevant and support college access initiatives. Meredith previously worked as a high school counselor in Washington, DC and Georgia. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Emory University and her Master’s in School Counseling from The University of Maryland.

Watch the Common App Information Webinar

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