US Admissions Workshop


Applying for entry to an American College can be a long and sometimes complex process. That's why we have developed the PREPSKILLS® US College Admissions Workshop. We help to ensure that students are prepared to meet all requirements demanded of the schools they wish to apply. In some cases prep for admission can take as long as two or three years, especially if a student has written the PSAT.

PREPSKILLS® US College Admissions Workshop can help answer questions like:

  • how do colleges determine who is accepted?
  • what sort of funding is available for Canadian students?
  • what's the difference between early decision and early action admissions?
  • what are Ivy League schools looking for?
  • what's the admission process for student athletes?

To provide you with answers to all of these questions (and more), PREPSKILLS® has developed the PREPSKILLS® U.S. College Admissions Workshop.

Applying for entry to an American college is a two-year process, and it can be a three-year process if you decide to take the PSAT! It's best to be prepared ahead of time, rather than finding yourself overwhelmed by obligations, stipulations, and specific requirements that you can't meet in Grade 12.

Ensure that you are prepared to submit your application successfully.

Contact PREPSKILLS® today to register for the PREPSKILLS® U.S. College Admissions Workshop.

Tuition: $495 + HST

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PREPSKILLS® U.S. College Admissions workshop curriculum

Materials The PREPSKILLS® U.S. Admissions Guide for Canadian Students includes information on:
Types of American colleges (e.g. Ivy League, liberal arts, community college)
  • Admissions case studies
  • PSAT/SAT/ACT testing requirements
  • Admissions statistics explanation and deconstruction
  • College rankings and methodological considerations
  • Ivy League and top college specificities and requirements
  • College “fit”
  • Diversifying applications for admissions officers
  • Scholarships, loans and financing for Canadian students
  • Financial aid case studies
  • NCAA and student-athlete considerations
  • National Portfolio Days and student-artist considerations
Workshop overview Prior to attending the PREPSKILLS® U.S. Admissions Workshop, participants will be asked to:
  • Identify their top three college choices
  • Complete a Common Application admission essay (to be submitted to PREPSKILLS® three days in advance of the workshop)
  • Complete a Personal Attributes Worksheet listing extra-curricular activities and current high-school grades (transcripts are also acceptable if accompanied by a list of extra-curricular activities)

During the workshop, participants will:
  • Complete a Personal Attributes Analysis worksheet
  • Complete a Steps To Gain Admission task-list and timeline
  • Complete an Interview Skills Analysis worksheet

Student-athletes will also:
  • Complete a NCAA Standards and Requirements worksheet
Workshop consultancy services At the PREPSKILLS® U.S. Admissions Workshop, participants will receive individualized and group consultancy on:
  • College “fit” (for selected colleges)
  • Student profiling
  • Admission essay commentary and analysis
  • Standardized testing (i.e. SAT and ACT) analysis (students who have taken the PREPSKILLS® Diagnostic SAT exam can submit those scores in lieu of official scores)
  • High school G.P.A. (Grade Point Average) profiling
  • Interview tips and commentary
  • NCAA overview and admissions profiling