Elaine Ying, Mother, St. George's School

"My son did the SSAT program on the Internet using the EPREPSKILLS real time on line tutoring. We are very very satisfied with this result. We really really appreciate what you did for him. We think we are very lucky to get help from you. He was also very well prepared for the interview. You did a great job preparing him for all possible questions, especially since he has only been in Canada for a little over a year. He received the 95th percentile overall on his official SSAT!

He has been accepted by St. George School in Vancouver! My son was very excited when I told him this news. Thanks again! I don't think we could have made it without your help! Three thousand thanks to you!!!"

Submitted by: Elaine Ying, Mother, Vancouver
Current School: St. George's School
Former school: Quilchen