Nicole & David, Parents, Crescent School

"Thank you for all your efforts, honesty and integrity toward our family as we prepared Jason for the Grade 6 entry exam at Crescent School.

As far as we are concerned, we could not have provided him with a better opportunity to feel comfortable, knowledgeable or at ease than by allowing him to attend your course.

Your flexibility, understanding, and scheduling were outstanding. You accommodated our every need and for that we are most grateful.

Jason enjoyed the teacher thoroughly. He was able to target and assist Jason to help further fine-tune his test writing skills. Jason responded well to his teacher and we feel grateful to have made his acquaintance. He is a fine teacher and was wonderful to Jason.

Thanks again for all the outstanding “hidden” benefits we could never have imagined we would receive when we signed up for PREPSKILLS®."

Submitted by: Nicole & David, Parents
Current school: Crescent School