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About Us (13)
The PREPSKILLS® mission is to provide advanced preparation for students to be able to have endless opportunities. At PREPSKILLS®, we provide the highest quality of preparatory learning experiences that serve to help maximize individual potential, impart skills for leadership and inspire lessons in life long learning.
THE BEST WAY TO PREPARE YOUR CHILD IS TO START WITH PREPSKILLS®. PREPSKILLS® prepares students for the admission tests, focusing on test-taking strategies, essay writing, and skill building exercises in math and language. We offer a unique and challenging program in which we strive to develop not only test-taking skills but also to build each student’s self esteem and confidence, thus enabling the student to reach his or her full potential. The program is designed to help students entering private/independent schools or American universities.
We are SSAT and SAT specialists, not generalists in academic tutoring. PREPSKILLS® goes beyond getting the high-test mark. We aid not only the students but also their families with the entire admissions process. We give students the tools and resources to build their confidence in their own academic skills. We teach test-taking skills, instead of simply content. Knowing geometry or vocabulary words isn’t good enough for most admission tests; you have to know how to apply the knowledge. Our Certified Teachers for SSAT programs and Expert Instructors for SAT will help students make the critical connection between the material learned in school and how to apply it on the test.
Program length varies. Please contact the PREPSKILLS® office for details.
Students receive the full compliment of test preparation material. Materials include a course book, exercise books, practice tests, flashcards containing the most frequently used words on admission tests, and the COMPUTEST™ diagnostic. Students have access to on-line math and language resources. In addition, parents will receive progress reports after the diagnostic test and the PREPSKILLS®-simulation test. Upon completion of the course, PREPSKILLS® offers a simulated test; administered under "real test" conditions. The students find this experience to be the highlight of the course as strategies learned are reinforced and test-taking fears dispelled. Unique to PREPSKILLS® is a résumé and interview skills seminar for our SSAT students or University Admission information seminar for SAT students. Being a Canadian company we understand the Canadian requirements. Our SSAT/SAT prep proprietary materials are specially developed using the Canadian curriculum.
Homework is designed to reinforce the content while improving the students' application of strategies. Repeated practice is the key to success in order to reap the benefits of the course. PREPSKILLS® is primarily a training program, not a course of study. It is strongly advised that students complete all homework assignments prior to the next lesson. The commitment of both parent and student is essential. Remember, you only get out what you put in.
The pupil-teacher ratio is a maximum of 6 students per class for our SSAT program and up to 12 students for our SAT program. This allows our teachers to provide individualized attention and tailor the curriculum to the student’s needs. Private in-home or online instruction is also available. Upon request, one of our Education Facilitators will be happy to provide more details.
Our teachers are hand-picked enthusiastic, caring, and passionate educators! Most are Ontario certified teachers with Masters or PhD qualifications. Our instructors are dedicated and understand the needs of the students they teach. The objective of the PREPSKILLS educator is to motivate each student to reach their full potential through advanced preparation and ensure that students have endless opportunities! All teachers/instructors must attend PREPSKILLS® seminars, training and workshops. They are well versed in the PREPSKILLS® philosophy, curriculum, methodology and strategies.
The COMPUTEST™ is exclusive to and developed by PREPSKILLS®. Upon registration, a login ID is provided and the test is completed online. The purpose of the diagnostic is to help identify student strengths and weaknesses in standardized testing. Parents and students are provided with a detailed report. Teachers use the diagnostic to devise goals and a plan of action that will maximize the student’s scoring potential.
Please call 416-200-7728, or toll free 1-866-973-PREP(7737), or refer to our SCHEDULE on the website for times, dates and locations.
PREPSKILLS® not only provides test preparation skills, but is also dedicated to ensuring that both parents and students feel comfortable with the admissions process. We are renowned for our personal service and are happy to assist you through this journey. Parent Information seminars are offered at no additional charge.
Parents can register their child using our online Registration. One of our Program Directors will be in contact with you immediately upon receiving the registration form.
PREPSKILLS® welcomes the opportunity of working cooperatively with parents. Communication is vital! We encourage parents to monitor their child’s homework and progress. Feel free to communicate with your child’s teacher about any concerns. Together with you, PREPSKILLS® is committed to helping your child reach his or her goal!
SAT (18)
Without any additional preparation, PSAT scores are a good indication of how the student will perform on the SAT. Students normally take this in October of Grade 11.

Visit for registration and information regarding testing dates and locations.

Students will usually take the SAT once in the spring of their junior year (Gr. 11), and once in the fall of their senior year (Gr. 12). We advise our students to take the SAT seriously and prepare to write it only ONCE. Statistically, students who take the test again do not improve their scores significantly, and scores may be lower.

Our proven score increases on the SAT are 180 to 400 points. Score increases are of course dependent upon the student attending all the sessions and completing all the homework. On average, a 200 point increase is typical.

While we do not offer a guaranteed score increase, we are committed to working with our families to help students achieve their goals. The starting score, the student's motivation and the amount of work put in all affect the results. If a student attends every session and completes all assigned homework and practice tests and does not realize an increase in his or her combined score following the completion of the program, please speak to one of our Education Facilitators to arrange a meeting to review results and set up a review program.

Students are assigned approximately 2-3 hours of homework per week. We feel that completing the outside homework is an essential part of the course.

Homework is a crucial part of the program as it allows the student to practice what is covered in each session. Your expectations for a score improvement should be less if all of the homework is not completed.

We understand that each student learns differently. Books are designed with the intent of being used between an instructor and a student to cater to each student’s individual needs. Books are broken down into chapters and units that cover every aspect of a test in great detail. An abundance of practice problems and questions allow the instructor to tailor the quantity and difficulty level of homework so that each student is challenged appropriately. The exercises in the books are written to match every type of question and varying difficulty used in the actual tests.

Students should find out which test is preferred by the colleges to which they are applying. If the college accepts both, students should take the test which suits their own strengths. See for information regarding the ACT.

The ACT is thought to be more aligned with what is taught in the classroom and includes science and other reading-based sections not included on the SAT. The SAT is thought to be more of an aptitude test and is intended to predict performance in college level courses.

Colleges that accept the ACT tend not to require SAT Subject Tests, or at least not as many. You should contact the college's admissions office to find out their policy.

Yes, the ACT offers an optional essay.

Generally, our SAT instructors are graduate students, business professionals and full-time teachers. Our instructors receive intensive training to give them all the tools they need to bring our test-taking expertise to PREPSKILLS® students. They also have experience writing the SAT and/or other standardized tests. For one-on-one instruction, tutors specialize their instruction based on the needs of the individual to help the student build confidence, reduce anxiety, and learn strategies crucial to test-taking. Our instructors are adept at connecting with high school students and they strive to focus on the needs of each individual student, even in the context of the class.

The average number of students in a class is 10. Students may also do the program one-on-one in the comfort of their home. This decision really comes down to scheduling and cost. Students have been successful regardless of whether they have prepared in a class or private setting.

We recommend that sessions be held weekly and that the student’s program end as close to the test date as possible to maximize the success of the program. For our 8-Session Program, you should expect to start approximately 12 weeks prior to the student’s test date. This allows some flexibility to compensate for unexpected schedule changes.

Generally, we find that eight 3 hour sessions are the optimum for most students. However, some students may require additional skill building work. In this case, we can set up a long-term preparation program or additional tutoring sessions following the regular program. Areas of concentration and number of sessions depend on what the individual student's needs are.

Yes, we can. We can send you contact names and phone numbers of some local parents, teachers or schools who have been pleased with our programs.

  • The PREPSKILLS® program is more personalized.
  • PREPSKILLS® is committed to the entire admission process so we ensure you have the right tools and support to help you complete admission applications, find scholarship opportunities and find information about the college/universities.
  • PREPSKILLS® instructors are enthusiastic, patient and effective communicators.
  • SAT course book contains varying levels of homework and in-class practice problems so that assignments can be tailored to the ability level and needs of each individual student.
  • Each student receives individual computerized test analyses for all practice tests taken as part of the course.
  • Instructors complete progress reports that detail students’ attendance, homework completion, practice test scores and progress in each subject area of the test.
  • The PREPSKILLS® Client Services Team makes follow-up calls to parents early on in the program to see if parents have questions about the course.
  • PREPSKILLS' focus on translating preparation into opportunity™ leads to success.
SSAT (10)
Most independent and private schools in Ontario require an entrance test. Exams vary and test results are weighted differently. Standardized tests supposedly measure a student's verbal and math ability. They are also supposed to predict how a student will perform in school. In our experience, the entrance exams are to some extent a measure of how well students take the test.
Barbara Priscus, Former Vice-Principal, Academic of The Bishop Strachan School, introduced the SSAT to independent schools in Ontario. Because of the wide variance of academic programs and standards among elementary and middle schools, it was problematic to compare academic ability based on grades and other independent performance measures. Prior to the formation of the Ontario SSAT Consortium, parents were required to approach each of the schools to which they wished to apply in order to have their children write an in-house examination. This often meant that children would spend four to five consecutive weekends in test writing conditions in addition to the interviews that they had to undergo for each application. As a standardized examination, the SSAT has simplified this process in many ways. It is now used across Canada for entrance into independent schools.
The SSAT* is used by many private schools as part of the admission process. It is a test that assesses the academic abilities of the students. The student's math and language skills are evaluated. The SSAT was developed and is administered by the SSAT Board in Princeton, New Jersey.

To register for the official SSAT test please call (609) 683-4440 or visit or outside of Ontario.

Make sure to print off and keep the Admission Ticket that is obtainable only after SSAT has received and processed your registration and payment. This ticket both serves as a confirmation for your test registration, and includes important details of your pending test: date, location of scheduled test, specific instructions regarding taking the SSAT, list of schools/consultants chosen to receive your SSAT scores.

There are many private schools in Ontario that utilize the SSAT* for admission purposes. Other private schools administer their own test. PREPSKILLS® can help your child prepare and benefit from the knowledge and strategies acquired to write any test. Ontario Consortium schools use the SSAT* as a component of their admission and/or scholarship process. For a complete list of schools, please refer to our SSAT* Information page on our website. Parents should confer with the schools of their choice to discuss the importance and interpretation given to score results.
There are two levels of the SSAT*. The Middle Level is for students in grades 5 through 7 while the Upper Level applies to students in grades 8 through 11. Children are not expected to answer all questions, but to answer to the best of their abilities. Some subject matter may not have yet been covered at their particular grade level. Please refer to the SSAT* Information page on our web site for further information about the test or visit or outside of Ontario.

RAW Score

  • Score is broken down into 3 categories: reading, verbal and math
  • One point is given for each correct answer, 1/4 point subtracted for each incorrect answer
  • No points are added or subtracted for questions omitted
  • Essay is not scored, but sent directly to the private school's admission department


  • Raw score is converted to a scaled score
  • Middle Level Range (Grades 5 - 7 ) : 440-710 for Verbal/Math/Reading (1320-2130 Total)
  • Upper Level Range (Grades 8 - 11): 500-800 for Verbal/Math/Reading (1500-2400 Total)


  • SSAT percentile is a score between 1 and 99
  • Compares student performance on test to other students of the same grade and gender who have taken the SSAT* within the past 3 years
The SSAT* is administered at various private schools throughout the GTA, beginning in September through to April. Please visit for more test date information or call the school of your choice. Should you wish, tests are also administered at independent test centres in Toronto. Visit our SSAT* Information page on our web site for information on test-taking options at independent test centres.
The Ontario Testing Consortium only allows students to register for only one SSAT test per academic year. Any subsequent attempts to write the exam will be considered invalid and will not be reported to schools.
PREPSKILLS® is renowned for its outstanding ability to inspire children to reach their full potential. There are fundamental skills and facts that students need to master in order to do well on standardized tests. The basic areas covered on most standardized tests are reading comprehension, math, vocabulary and essay writing. PREPSKILLS® teaches test-taking strategies and skills that will benefit students writing any admission test. The PREPSKILLS® team is well-versed with many entrance examinations. Call us should you have specific questions about any of the private independent schools or admissions tests.

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