US College Expo 2012


The US College EXPO was an overwhelming success with an excellent cross section of schools from across the US.

We would like to thank the over 50 exhibitors who represented Universities and Colleges across the US. We saw several Ivy Leagues, State Public and Private Universities, (including several Division I, II & III schools), Liberal Arts Colleges, Health and Science Universities, Ivy League Schools, Art, Design and Theatrical Arts Colleges, Universities of Architecture and Design, and Universities of Pharmacy: and several Faith-based Universities and Colleges all speaking to Canadian students about their undergraduate academic programs.

As well we would like to express our sincere appreciation to more than two dozen guest speakers who brought tremendous knowledge, experience and insights to the student attendees and their families and the more than 100 High School Guidance Counselors who came to learn more about the US Admission Process.

We are grateful for the thousands of Canadian academic and student athletes who came out (and braved the first real snow storm of 2012) to speak with admissions officers and counselors . See you in the spring of 2013 – you can look forward to an even bigger event!!

Brian Muir | Former NHL Player & Stanley Cup Winner | University of New Hampshire