Veronica Pang, University of Toronto Schools

"Hi, my name is Veronica Pang and I’m currently attending UTS, also known as the University of Toronto Schools. Let me tell you this. I’m not part of the administration there, so I really have no concrete idea how they decide who to let in, but I do have the wealth of the actual experience on my hands, and I am here to share it with you.

The entrance test is split into two parts; in order to go to the second part, you must make it past the first part. You might hear a lot about this diagnostic test being “hard”, but in reality, it really isn’t. As long as you’re willing to concentrate while studying, it won’t even take up that much of your time. In this case, taking a PREPSKILLS course definitely helps you out.I personally took a preparation SSAT course which basically focused on essay writing, basic math, and intense vocab. We even had to make our own que-cards which were awesome for efficient studying. The lessons on vocab were crucial for me. I love reading so I should know many terms and words, but the words on the SSAT test are not words that come up ordinarily. What I think helped the most about the vocab was learning the roots and the prefixes. This kind of skill comes up quite a lot in UTS. We have so many language courses, like Latin, that need it, and being able to come in contact with this skill earlier is extremely beneficial. Actually, I think the main point is not to think of this entrance exam as a burden, as something to get over with as soon as possible, but as something that you are interested to learn from.

How can you get a chance to experience the wonders of UTS? Simple. It all sums up to the word PREPSKILLS. Literally, the best way to ensure you chance of being able to attend the school is preparation of your skills. Which is why PREPSKILLS is a valuable choice you should make, because without being led by the dedicated staff and their enriched courses, I never would have made it to where I am now. Thank you."

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Submitted by: Veronica Pang, Student, Richmond Hill
Accepted to: University of Toronto Schools
Former school: Crosby Heights PS